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The Shortcuts Way of Living, as the largest naturopathic web site, and the largest healthiest web site, focuses on a combination of timeless wisdom and advanced technology. The Shortcuts Way of Living includes Rife technology, bodyscan, pain reliefMrShortcut,living longer better,bodyscan, chiropractic alternatives,MrShortcuts, living healthier longer, bodyscan,herbal medicine, healing naturally, electro-meridian imaging, healing naturally, Shortcuts Way of Living, bodyscan,< naturopathy, Naturopathy II. Healing naturally with naturopathy. Biofeedback.

Because this is the largest healthiest personal web site on earth, we remind you of the value of bodyscans and naturopathy, homeopathy and all the other approaches and remedies recommended by the Shortcuts Way of Living Living younger longer is a worthy goal. That's why we provide best health information, best naturopathic practitioners doctors,bodyscans and holistic homeopathic naturopathic healing methods and remedies