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Learning how to lose weight has less to do with WHAT you eat than it does HOW you eat, WHEN you eat, and, of course, how much of it you eat. Be kind enough to yourself to remember that Zig Ziglar spoke the truth in claiming that he was overweight for many years "on purpose," just like you. As Zig so humorously put it, "I have never swallowed anything... ... by accident."

Not to worry, you do not have to become a discipline freak, nor do you have to give up most of the foods you love. Losing weight, and most importantly, learning HOW to lose weight is at the core of dropping the pounds naturally.

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  • Americans are the most overweight people of the world. Not coincidentally, Americans eat breakfast like paupers, lunch like princes, and dinners like kings. The word "breakfast," broken into its two smaller component words reveals a great deal; reveals a shortcut that you can tap into right away in order to help you to lose weight quickly and safely.

    That first meal of the day is called breakfast for a good reason: If we eat dinner at 7 pm, and then don't eat again until nine in the morning, we have fasted for 14 hours. When you break a fast, it is close to impossible to gain weight at that meal, even if you're eating things that tend to add weight. Fact is, you burn more energy up in the first four hours of being awake than you will burn the next 20 hours all added up together if you're not a professional athlete of sorts.

    Whatever you eat for breakfast your body's metabolism is likely to process far, far more fully than the foods you eat later in the day. You see, your body is fully aware that, after the last meal of the day, you're going to starve it for up to 14 or more hours. So it vastly lowers almost all metabolic processing - and a large portion of your digestive process - in order to conserve that final meal of the day and stretch it out.         Scroll down the page for a bit of treat, or just tap your spacebar

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