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How to lose weight naturally, without drugs or surgery - and how to enjoy the process.
The Longevity Zen of Health is particularly enamored of medicine that tastes good.
Learning how to lose weight gets easier when it's good on several levels

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Dr. David Cohen, is pleased to welcome you to the healthiest website in the neighborhood

Remember that HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of human beings have learned how to lose weight naturally, without resorting to drugs, surgery, or practices that damage health, vitality, and spirit.   Learn more to live more throughout this largest naturopathic website in the world, the Shortcuts Way of Living

Learning how to lose weight has less to do with WHAT you eat than it does HOW you eat, WHEN you eat, and, of course, how much of it you eat.
Zig Ziglar spoke the truth in claiming that he was overweight for many years "on purpose," just like you. As Zig so humorously put it,
"I have never swallowed anything... ... by accident."

Not to worry, you do not have to become a discipline freak, nor do you have to give up most of the foods you love.
First, learning HOW to lose weight is at the core of dropping the pounds naturally.

Approximately eighty percent of overweight people are fat:
Fat in body, and worse, fat in the head. They are vastly overweight, and they always will be, NOT for glandular reasons - which accounts for perhaps one in every seven hundred seriously overweight patients -- rather, because they're just too fat-headed to be flexible. They want their delicious fatty foods, they want ALL of them, and they want FULL portions of them all.   By changing none of their actions, they change none of their results. They die younger, do not enjoy stairways, ladders, good sex or swimming, and provide much profit for "LOSE 20 POUNDS OVERNIGHT" scam artists. Not one Nobel laureate in a hundred has been seriously overweight, because very heavy people only rarely make worthwhile contributions to the betterment of humans.

Approximately twenty percent of overweight people are skinny people stuck in a fat body

They can be rescued, and helped to help themselves. Whether healing naturally, or learning how to lose weight naturally, many formerly overweight people are now benefiting very measurably from the Shortcuts Way of Living. Americans are the most overweight people of the world. Not coincidentally, Americans eat breakfast like paupers, lunch like princes, and dinners like kings. The word "breakfast," broken into its two smaller component words reveals a great deal; reveals a shortcut that you can tap into right away in order to help you to lose weight quickly and safely.

That first meal of the day is called breakfast for a good reason: If we eat dinner at 7 pm, and then don't eat again until nine in the morning, we have fasted for 14 hours. When you break a fast, it is close to impossible to gain weight at that meal, even if you're eating things that tend to add weight. Fact is, you burn more energy up in the first four hours of being awake than you will burn the next 20 hours all added up together if you're not a professional athlete of sorts.

Whatever you eat for breakfast your body's metabolism is likely to process far, far more fully than the foods you eat later in the day. You see, your body is fully aware that, after the last meal of the day, you're going to starve it for up to 14 or more hours. So it vastly lowers almost all metabolic processing - and a large portion of your digestive process - in order to conserve that final meal of the day and stretch it out. Then, when it's time to break that half-day fast, your body takes in breakfast and USES a measurably higher portion of the benefits of that food.

How to lose weight naturally - Is this drastic?

NO! About the only drastic measure contained in the Shortcuts Way of Living,
particularly when discussing how to lose weight, is actually making the decision to lose weight.

If you are obese, or grossly overweight, which means more than forty pounds above what you know is comfortable and healthy for you, then you ought to give Dr. Cohen a call at (718) 972-1616. Or, secondly, you can learn discipline and dietary shortcuts to losing weight. They do not cost us to learn these techniques and attitudes, and require little more than time and determination.

How to lose weight - Do I have to buy everything?

NO! Of course not. and, among others, offer a variety of natural products that promote weight loss. Dr. Cohen is a fan of a particular tea that his patients have been thrilled by the results of. They drink the tea, they lose weight. No one has ever reported a negative effect or side effect, such as you get with prescription drugs.   As great as these natural remedies and natural vitamins and supplements are, it doesn't mean you will not lose weight if you don't buy the tea or the natural vitamins or other products for weight loss promotion, etc. It does not mean you cannot get better without these natural products, natural remedies, or ee natural supplements and vitamins that make up a part of Dr. Cohen's success with so many supposedly "hopeless" cases.

It means that if you are personally committed to managing your weight to a level that serves your health needs and your happiness needs, these products can help you to help yourself. They don't heal, they don't cure, they rarely ever offer INSTANT FIX answers, although many of them do provide benefits in as little as a few minutes.

If you're committed to losing weight, if you have come here because you are sick of carrying so many extra pounds, committed to learning how to lose weight, then we urge you to jump into any of the many hundreds of thousands of pagesthat have been created one at a time by a single pair of hands just for you.

Dr. Cohen is now hosting over a hundred domains and websites. His only financial ambition in life is to open America's first major naturopathic hospital. He's hosting these sites from sheer determination to help the world to heal... naturally.

You'd be amazed to learn that he doesn't even want to solicit donations because there are just too many vital causes that require your donations and his, also. That's why he chose to build the world's largest health website, and finest global resource for natural vitamins and remedies, natural supplements, and devices that promote the human body's natural ability to heal itself. The Shortcuts Way of Living, purported to be the world's "healthiest website," was built on five thousand donated hours, just to produce food clicks for starving people, and spreading natural products remedies vitamins supplements and devices to the world. Refuah Vechaim is a non-profit organization. Almost all of the profit on products goes back to helping people to heal themselves, naturally.

For people who are "on the same page," of course you're welcome to purchase any of the products at our sister sites that are all part of the Shortcuts Way of Living - focused on living stronger longer... naturally.

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the healthiest website in the neighborhood - How to Lose Weight - NATURALLY

The name pretty well says it all: the healthiest website in the neighborhood
If you're really tired of being overweight, GREAT NEWS FOR FAT PEOPLE!! - You don't have to be fat.
You don't have to spend gobs of money or take time off from work for three-week "fat farms."
You simply need to identify a few simple things in life, including how to lose weight,
without upsetting too much of your current program or routine. Balance is vital.
Eat what you desire; just eat one or two mouthfuls less than you normally do.
When you wake up, do THIRTY seconds of some exercise, every single day.
It stimulates your metabolism more than running several miles will do.
Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper.
Substitute one tenth of your treats for carrots and celery.
Drink more water, flush out all manners of toxins.
Take more truly deep breaths, and lose weight.
These shortcuts produce results in 10 days.
Repetition of them doubles all results.
Learn how to lose weight.. naturally
at www.HowToLoseWeight.US
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The healthiest website in the neighborhood