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Why would one human refuse global glory for you?
Why invest years and years of thousand-minutes days in you,
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Good question. Fact is, the haves are doing better than the have-nots.
In so many cases, we see the have-nots are as good or better people.
Sadly, the haves are not sharing more than minimalist pittances.
The best way to get the good guys back in power is to help.
Helping people to help themselves yields a chain reaction.
That's the point of being someone who enjoys sharing.
The more you have, the more you are likely to share.
On that basis, the Shortcuts Way of Living.
All to help you to help yourself
so you can learn and live more,
in hope you will share more.
The payoffs are numerous.
Of course you're welcome.

The only thanks that are accepted are those that are demonstrated.
Do at least one thing with sincere excellence over and over again.
The feeling you get will likely encourage you to do it for a month.
The feeling you get from tiny improvements for one hundred days?
Those are the thanks solicited by the Godfather of Shortcuts.
Let's make the most of you, and what's inside you.
It's now your turn to raise up your star.
The rise is as certain as a PowerGem.