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masters and champions, those who repeatedly lead.

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For starters, no one is going to help you as much as you can.
Secondly, that applies to politics, medicine, and finance.
Third, shut up and pay attention to those who do better.

masters and champions, those who repeatedly lead.
They obviously know better than you do,
since they're doing better than you.
That is the entire premise here,
The Shortcuts Way of Living
of masters and millionaires,
champions billionaires, role models.
Since they do better, they know better.

Shortcuts ?
Shortcuts to the left,
shortcuts to the right,
and then more shortcuts.

More shortcuts than you're likely to find
ANYWHERE in the world

The Shortcuts Way of Living.

Shortcuts for succeeding are what you find here,
shortcuts for succeeding so that money will not be dear.

When using shortcuts for succeeding today,
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Shortcuts for succeeding work for you and me,
the best shortcuts for succeeding
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We've all tried hard, to get there faster,
to find the shortcuts methods to success;
so your shortcuts for succeeding today,
you will find that they work best.

Fact is, shortcuts for succeeding do work for all of us.