Starting all over if you must, starting all over with shortcuts. This is how to win.
The Shortcuts Way of Living Welcomes You Into Your Greatest, Longest Winning Streak

To start from scratch? Not complicated at all.
First, toss out eight hundred and fifty-five thousand laws and rules and regulations.
Physical crime is physical crime. Never mind guidelines. Elect honest judges and you'll get fair sentences.
Those who cause grievous bodily harm deserve strong punishment. Those who do so by guile deserve even stricter treatment.

Do you remember when the king's men used to go out to villages and farms and collect booty and money with the threat of weapons and might? Is there a difference between so-called moving violations and situations of NOT using your car, under guise of so-called parking violations? Does not an armed human force you to cough up four hundred here, and a hundred there, and forty percent increase in many states for your insurance premiums with each moving violation for three years, adding thousands of dollars to the cost of a single ticket? The pressure to extract money at gunpoint instead of pursuing bad guys is not a healthy use of the public trust, or the advanced training that so arduously updated and refined. Starting all over is wise.

Hurting someone financially by deception, inadequate disclosure, etc., requires no thousands of individual regulations; they are clear to a clear mind. The majority of so-called criminals are not, packing our jails, preventing real bad guys from being caught.

Start all over. It is do-able. Ronald Reagan gave sincere effort to rewrite tax code as Truman might have.
More than forty-five percent of all tax dollars are misspent. You want to save a nation?
Why not do what all other evolved nations do, dissolving parliamentary houses?
You'd better start over. Dissolve and start fresh. We are not short of talent.
More, we have people of limited skill and great heart, people who care.
Let their voices be heard. That may very well include your voice.
Are you honest? Are you interested in helping everyone?
Are you okay with doing well while also sharing?
It takes little more than an honest heart.
Your voice needs to be lifted fully.
Tell us how you'll run things.
Our day is indeed arriving.
The people, the people.
Blow away the rest.
Like wind, dust,
let it pass.

Inevitably, the wind will blow away us all, like leaves, leaving what's worth saving.

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At the end of it all
you'll find the beginning of it all.
Starting over is as natural as breathing.
Each breath and each day, each sunrise and sunset,
each moment that your heart still beats you are starting over.

Go for yours. Then share it.

Starting All Over With The Shortcuts Way of Living
No human fails to be amazed at what they can do when they do

Look at any one thousand high achievers, those who leave their best behind.
In approximately one hundred percent of such lives, they were forever starting all over.
Walt Disney went bankrupt seven separate times. J.C. Penny was bankrupt before fame.
Starting all over is a time-honored tradition for all dust-covered champions.
Starting all over is a guarantee of being stronger with each repetition.
Starting all over consistently yields better beginnings, and beyond.
Your best days and best peformances are NOT behind you, are they?
Please identify in these sixty seconds what you'll be known for.
You already are known, right now, to a certain number of people.
What is it that they know you for today? Do you see that this is malleable?
Do you recognize that starting all over means hundreds of new opportunities... today?
Can you understand that starting all over offers tens of thousands of opportunities this week?
Your perception of time up until this moment has been foolish. With so many shattered records, I know.
I follow those who do it better than I do, learning even if only by watching and listening to each of them.

Time itself is not malleable.

It is your response to the individual minute that determines its strength, and its worth.
Be quiet as we look at you today, both naked and dressed, and see the total of your yesterdays.
The greatest "Kiss Off!" you can throw to your detractors is proof that your total still changes.
What you do today is a part of the sum of all your yesterdays combined. Tomorrow, we get a new total.
The Shortcuts Way of Living is looking at you and wanting to see more of the best of what's inside you.

Please. Speak less and do more. Give us all a bigger portion to review by tonight.

Who's To Say We're To Be Starting All Over?

Starting all over, I'm starting all over,
and before I knew, it, I'm back in the clover.
All that I dreamed, when starting all over,
all that I'd hoped to achieve,
were honed with a quickness, while starting all over,
as if someone had previously tucked it in my sleeve.

Easier and easier, starting all over, it is that simple and clear,
Starting all over does not mean your life,
starting all over only what you hold dear.
This is a secret, a true PowerGem,
that illuminates all of your darkness.
The star up above, with YOUR name engraved,
is calling, so hear what it harkens.

A newer and brighter and happier day,
starting all over in any one way.
No need to start over in all that do,
simply pick out what you feel is best for you.

Focus and focus in just one direction,
in whatever your heart declares as "predilection."
Your star will wait there, as you're starting all over,
as eternally as the Cliffs of Dover.

Do it quite now, don't wait any longer,
for starting all over also makes you stronger.

The Shortcuts Way of Living ? Heck, it's the Starting All Over Capital of the World!



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