Masterlinks are what we find when we seek eyecandy links that are quite one of a kind.
Masterlinks give more masterlinks, to better located the powergems blue and pink,
green and red, chocolate and yellow, all to help you feel a tad more mellow.
Masterlinks in most directions, masterlinks of the Shortcuts Way of Living,
masterlinks have their place and time, along the way having more fun.
Show us the route of the MasterLinks way: masterlinks help us play.
From the challenge of masterlinks eyecandy styling,
it's the EyeCandy Capital Masterlinks time.
Perhaps those masterlinks help us play,
and Masterlinks just may hold sway.
So look between the EyeCandy,
seek between the lines,
for masterlinks take you,
to where you will just be fine.
Dig into the thousands of Masterlinks,
sometimes tens of thousands of Masterlinks,
to help you dig into the Shortcuts Way of Living.
Many tens of thousands of Masterlinks pages, for you,
because the Shortcuts Way of Living has thousands of ways.
Make today count just a bit more, since you are one day closer.
However long you shall live, estimate the number of days from now.
Do you believe that you have a thousand days left, or twenty thousand?
Whatever number you find, you are one day closer to your final total, right?
So, each day passing increases the importance of your use of your new today.
Thus, Masterlinks of the Shortcuts Way of Living aim to help you to help yourself.
So too with MasterLinks vis-a-vis the Longevity Zen of Health , for your greater life.
The Longevity Zen of Health also has HealthLinks, not very hard to figure out, hm?

The most profitable way to thank someone for creating thousands of EyeCandy Masterlinks,
the best way to prove that you appreciate the efforts and time invested into your success,
is to take what is to be found beyond the masterlinks within the Shortcuts Way of Living,
engaging many PowerGems that masterlinks lead you to find, over and over yet again.
The Shortcuts Way of Living and Longevity Zen of Health , your Masterlinks Capitals.