Let's try the math of murder, blood, suffering, pain, grief

55,000 vehicles in a little town.
With claim of need, double-size,
double and more the size of a car.
Averaging only ten gallons per week,
we count 550,000 gallons, conservatively.
Every gallon contains the blood of innocents.
Fifty weeks per year? Who can count that high?
Who of us understands 27,000,000 gallons annually?
Of the hundred-plus millions of dollars spent on this gas,
thirty-five million or more goes directly to unstable people.
No less than two of those millions goes directly to bad people.
Therefore, whatever the reasons for buying and sending this way,
the people buying the gas are directly funding these bad people.
The excuses somehow feel as if they cost less than the murders.
But selfishness is, obviously, the hallmark of that little town,
cold to the math of murder, blood, suffering, pain, grief.
55,000 murderers in one little town, paying for blood.
Only one in a thousand actually NEEDS a vehicle,
while the selfish continue to drink that blood.
This is why some of us wish all of you gone,
you anti-Semitics, drinking all the blood,
driving vehicles you truly do not need.
Your excuses cannot match the pain.
55,000, all sentenced to die poorly.
God never fails to even the score.
Even bloodied, math is beauty.

The math of murder and grief is louder than excuses.

Shortcuts Way of Living - Eternal Wisdom Truth And Profit

Wisdom is right in front of you all the time. Sadly, you allow advertising to steal it from you.
Advertisers are paid to lie to you, and, because you are selfish, you CHOOSE to believe the lies.
In fact, you certainly have the intelligence, the intellect, to rapidly analyze and discard such lies.
Let us see if your actions will finally catch up with the words of justification that flow forth from you.
This is the time and place to alter your position on feeding further the billionaires who do not need feeding.
In return for such consideration, the Path Of A Healthier Life introduces you to QRA, a delightful surprise

QRA?   Sincerest Thanks For Quantum Reflex Analysis

How fantastic! Quantum Reflex Analysis does not cure or heal or even treat!
It simply identifies what glands, organs, and tissues are weak, and what they need.
If you think that you are intelligent, experience QRA one time, see what you say then.
So much of what we think we thought we knew is INSTANTLY altered in witnessing QRA.
Nutritional deficiency can be rapidly dispensed with by following the best QRA protocols.
Learning QRA by going for QRA training is a wonderful, highly-recommended experience.
Just as well, going to a trained QRA practitioner for a professional QRA consultation is great.
Dr. Marshall and Dr. Forbes have genuinely earned global plaudits and gratitude for their genius.
May they both be granted Nobel Prizes and long life for QRA - true nutrition of and for the 21st century.
The Path Of A Healthier Life is honored and thrilled to be the QRA - Quantum Reflex Analysis Internet Capital.

Quantum Reflex Analysis Is The 21st Century Game-Changer

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QRA.name - Path of A Healthier Life QRA Website to introduce YOU to Quantum Reflex Analysis in a genuinely accessible manner
Q-R-A.US - The Path of A Healthier Life includes Q-R-A websites to advance knowledge and listings of Quantum Reflex Analysis
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Quantum-Reflex-Analysis.com - Central QRA website to learn more details of how Quantum Reflex Analysis is used in naturopathy today
QuantumReflexAnalysis.com - Do not fool yourself into failing to understand that you cannot learn too much about Quantum Reflex Analysis
Quantum-Reflex-Analysis.info - The more you learn, the better your actions and decisions tend to be, with Quantum Reflex Analysis skills
QuantumReflexAnalysis.info - Without "overdosing," each Quantum Reflex Analysis site presents info not presented at other QRA sites
Quantum-Reflex.info - No human can claim to be an expert in nutritional needs without Quantum Reflex Analysis skills to prove it
QuantumReflex.info - Every human alive needs to learn Quantum Reflex, if only in the most abecedarian of knowledge levels
Q-R-A.COM - The Path of A Healthier Life Reminds You That We Are Not Done With Q-R-A - Learn, learn, learn, every day
QRA-Austin.INFO - Although QRA was "born" in Austin, Texas, QRA is spreading globally, so, a huge thank you to Austin!
QRA-Experts.INFO - Any practitioner trained by Dr. Marshall is going to be an expert QRA practitioners - We count on it
QRAPractitioners.info - From Austin, Houston or San Jose, to Denver or N.Y., find QRA practitioners most anywhere!
QRA-Practitioners.info - Path of A Healthier Life: "The best QRA practitioners are using QRA with biofeedback!"
QRA-QRA.info - Simply a sweet opportunity to offer more info on QRA, and the web domain tests "QRA strong"
QRA-Texas.info - Homage to Texas, because, once again, Texas produced, via Dr. Marshall and Dr. Forbes
QuantumTape.info - Electrically-remediating tape from the special genius of Dr. Marshall and Dr. Forbes
EnergyTape.com - Energy Tape - new Dr. Cohen discovery proving many times stronger than QTape
Cohenology.com - Once you indentify the top ten to twelve methods, use them all, simultaneously

Learning to do quantum reflex analysis is secondary to consulting with a trained QRA practitioner.
You are promised by the Path of A Healthier Life that QRA is YOUR game-changer for modern health.
The ability for you, or a trained QRA practitioner, to identify weak organs, tissues, glands, or functions,
using a single-second test that has never, not once, EVER been proven to be less than unfailingly accurate,
means that you now have the means to effect the benefits of the greatest game-changer in modern health history.
Stop forming opinions on subjects you have little working knowledge or experience of, because your brain benefits.
You are literally assured of becoming more intelligent when you simply learn to suspend your opinion-making mechanism.
Do not complicate the issue, do not go to opposite extremes or make stupid statements about what this shortcut means.
Far beyond a standard shortcut, QRA is far, far, yes, far and away more accurate than a thousand M.D.'s combined.
If your doctor is not skilled in bidigital testing, then your doctor has no clue how to test food, drinks, drugs.
If your doctor does not know QRA, or at least BDORT, then your doctor does not have the best tools.
The Path of A Healthier Life respectfully suggests you find another doctor; there are millions.
Just because the test is 'no cost' does not mean your doctor cannot earn from doing QRA.
The greater the doctor's expertise, the more justified they are in charging a fee.
The greater any doctor's QRA skill is, the faster his patients will get better.
The Shortcuts Way of Living perceives that as a profit opportunity.
The Path of A Healthier Life sees it as life-saving opportunity.
Find a QRA practitioner, in Austin, San Jose, or Brooklyn,
or, at least, learn to do BDORT yourself, naturally.
Live your own Path of A Healthier Life.

QRA Appointments offered nationwide - Call 1-888-6004-888
Special online combination when you call to ask for your appointment:
First Bodyscan and QRA consult, with customized protocol, $233
Your initial app't includes free lifetime gift of the $89 QVial supercharged minerals
One second holding QVial atop your head (GV20) measurably strengthens brain points.
QVial contents are the world's first provably supercharged minerals.   Get the "wow" effect.
Contents of the QVial are expected to last forever, and can never be irradiated or magnetized.
Qvials are among the true hypergenius Longevity Zen of Health innovations & inventions
To take advantage of this offer, please say "Internet!" when booking your appointment.

QRA Expert Practitioners - David Cohen
"Help yourself... to heal yourself."

NOTE: Q-R-A does not treat, heal, or cure any diseases. Q-R-A has no need to consider symptoms.
Quantum reflex analysis, especially when combined with Bodyscan or SpectraVision, seeks the causes.
What organ or gland is weakest, and why?   Quantum reflex analysis yields instant and provable answers.

For example, if one of your organs, such as pancreas, liver, kidneys, etc., is weak,
you do not have to tell the Q-R-A practitioner. In merely seconds, they will tell YOU.
Considering the number of medical doctors who are embracing Q-R-A, take a look.

Because QRA practitioners prove every day of the week that QRA is safer and infinitely more accurate than any other tool known to be available to any health practitioner, allopathic, naturopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathic, and more... is why competent naturopaths, including and especially the best QRA practitioners, have far, far higher success rates than medical doctors even try to claim when they are backing their asseverations with fact. Numbers do not lie, people only manipulate numbers.

QRA cannot be manipulated, it can only be correctly done or incorrectly done. It is not that complicated to learn, and you get to use it, like a portable vastu machine that's all-natural, forever, and wherever you go. If you make a list of the ten things that every human should be trained in as children, it is surely vastu and QRA. Less talking from you, and more doing. When you do something one hundred times with an absolute commitment to get at least one percent better every time, you walk away a big, fat, happy winner.

This works time and time again, and can be fairly refuted by no man or woman alive. The Path of A Healthier Life and Shortcuts Way of Living work specifically to gather the best of the best available to the human race. Unlike the naysayers and lesser forms, the Path of A Healthier Life does not charge you money. The Shortcuts Way of Living does not accept cash or credit cards or checks. The payment demanded for these millions of pages of fantastically truthful magic powers of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires is for you to share the half of the profit we earn through PowerGems with the helpless people you will find or search further to find. In return, you get wealth and health that is not known to be taught at anywhere near this level anywhere in the history of the world.

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QRA Capabilities - So?     What Is The Bottom Line Regarding QRA?

In mere seconds, QRA proves to be so accurate that most of us are stunned into silence the first time. The skillful demonstration of QRA flips over a number of certainties that anyone even moderately educated tends to hold about science, tenets that we are erroneously trained to believe about health, medicine, and more. How can you expect to understand the profound nature of QRA before you observe and participate in a QRA session?

Carrying forward a test from several thousands of years ago into the present era, admixtured with the use of technology and timeless wisdom, serves to distinctly outperform the accuracy of muscle testing, or kinesiology, which has multiple subjectivities built in that steal accuracy. QRA is based on BDORT, which is university-proven, with some nineteen respected universitites participating.

The accuracy of QRA cannot be licitly denied simply because it works every time a QRA tester is present, and is strong on his or her own brain points.

Use of the Qvial for a single second makes every gland, organ, and even tissue temporarily strong, much stronger than normal, ensuring the accuracy of the QRA test.

Because QRA is so magnificently simple, because it is almost ridiculously easy for most humans to learn how to do QRA, it must be recognized right up front that mainstream medicine is continually pressing back, because people with far more money than you do not want their cash flow interrupted. Wise is the person who learns QRA, and how to fruitfully apply any of the uses of QRA. Learn the many rasons why this bidigital o-ring test is such a thoroughly useful tool for life. Most of the best, or most well-trained QRA practitioners, in Cleveland, Ohio or Brooklyn, New York or Austin or Dallas in Texas, New Jersey or Long Island or California, are for the most part pleased to share with you sizable portions of their QRA training, and most particularly if and when you ask them to!

QRA is surely among the easiest of all the tests you ever learn how to conduct. Let there be no doubt that QRA is among the most influential tests of your life.

As with all great information, you genuinely have no right to an opinion, not a legitimate opinion, until you have personally witnessed, personally participated in your first Quantum Reflex Analysis test.

In sum, Quantum Reflex Analysis is 21st century nutrition and health at its very best.Learn more so that you might most likely live more, living stronger for longer, with better decisions based on better information and more of your own experience. QRA is today, QRA is, so far, the best way shown.

QRA and Life Health Longevity

In consideration of the best health and the best levels of healthy longevity, the Path Of A Healthier Life is here for YOU:
QRA. Quantum Reflex Analysis. Path Of A Healthier Life. Injury, Traumas, And Quantum Reflex Analysis, after a bit of shapetalk on gasoline and the math of murder, blood, suffering, pain, and grief.
QRA is proving to be the medicine of the 21st century. Learn QRA, learned from creating better vastu.
Path Of A Healthier Life heartily embraces QRA as being worth more than a thousand MD's together.

Abstract = QRA, injury, traumas, and quantum reflex analysis, Path Of A Healthier Life, MisterShortcut, Dr. Bob Marshall, Dr. Linda Forbes, Dr. David Cohen, QRA, the best of 21st century nutrition, the best of game-changers, presented After we are presented with Shapetalk on gasoline and the math of murder, blood, suffering, pain, and grief.

The page-topic is divided between the math of murder, blood, suffering, pain, and grief.... and the benefits of QRA, and how QRA practitioners make a difference. injury, traumas, and quantum reflex analysis, Path Of A Healthier Life, MisterShortcut, Dr. Bob Marshall, Dr. Linda Forbes, Dr. David Cohen, QRA"

keyphrase: QRA, injury, traumas, quantum reflex analysis, qra, self-help, free for your life, MisterShortcut, Dr. Bob Marshall, Dr. Linda Forbes, Dr. David Cohen,Path Of A Healthier Life, medicine, 21st, century, QRA, Shapetalk, on gasoline, the math of murder, the math of blood, the mathematics of suffering, the mathematic of pain, and the simple math of grief.
Keywords include: QRA, injury, traumas, Shapetalk, quantum reflex analysis, qra, Path Of A Healthier Life, medicine, 21st, century, QRA center, best practitioners, shapetaling, self-help, self-health, because qra, even when presented as QRA, refers to the medicine of the 21st century, based on your own innate ability to heal yourself. Finally, Shapetalk, specifically, Shapetalk on gasoline and the math of murder, blood, suffering, pain, and grief. Remember that Shapetalk invariably provides us with the wisdom of PowerGems, which means multiple levels of meanings.

Shapetalk and PowerGems are promulgated by MisterShortcut, via the Shortcuts Way of Living, the Psychology of Shortcuts, et alia. Learn more so you can live more... and then give more.

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