Let us examine the math of murder, blood, pain, grief, suffering.

55,000 vehicles in a little town.
With claim of need, double-size,
double and more the size of a car.
Averaging only ten gallons per week,
we count 550,000 gallons, conservatively.
True assay shows it to be a good bit more.
Each gallon paid with the blood of innocents.
52 weeks of this per year? Who counts that high?
Who among us can count 27 million annual gallons?
Of the hundred-plus millions of dollars spent on this gas,
thirty-five million or more goes directly to uncaring people.
No less than two of those millions goes directly to fund murder.
Therefore, whatever reasons offered for purchasing bloody death,
the people purchasing gas are the happy sponsors of bad people.
The excuses are as weak as the rationalizations of the murders.
Pretending modesty, sucking millions as despicable landlords,
stealing heat & hot water by providing but minutes per day,
such raw greed is a persistent hallmark of that little town,
cold to the math of murder, blood, pain, grief, suffering.
55,000 murderers in one little town, buying the blood.
Barely 1 in 1,000 demonstrate a NEED for a vehicle,
let alone vehicles that drink twice-plus as much,
and yet, the selfish keep on drinking the blood.
This is why some of us wish all of you dead,
for your proven rejection of what is holy,
you utter haters, drinking all the blood,
driving vehicles you just do not need.
Your excuses do not wash the blood.
55,000 already judged by Creation.
God is very good at mathematics.
A drop of blood for each gallon.
Bloody, math is also righteous.
Who spills more Jewish blood
than "frum" Jews who drive?
Shh. Stick to the facts only:
55,000 locally-used trucks,
not 1 in 1,000 necessary.

You can run and never hide.
What Is Known Best About You
Your actions? Louder than words.
We see the math of bloody murder.
We see who sends money to the evil.
We have examined the math of murder.
The need for vengeance is viscerated,
for Newton's Third law never fails.
The Universe evens up the score.

No Grand Rebbe There, Grand Rebbe Here

If the one true Rebbe, the only true living Rebbe of Judaism,
the Grand Rebbe rejecting prime ownership and automobiles,
the only known Grand Rebbe who truly is both Jewish & Rebbe,
kind Grand Rebbe who we know can smile on his Judgement day,
which means one silently investing ninety percent into the helpless,
since what we do speaks far louder than mealy words of empty praise,
also to mean not owning expensive clothes or jewelry or other chazzerai,
who lives invisibly, knowing that materialism has destroyed Judaism today,
whose work feeds more helpless ones than that of all other rebbes combined,
if the one true Rebbe can run all three of the most successful charitable efforts,
empowering more than one hundred million live-saving miztvahs, year after year,
with a fleet of three bicycles, imagine what you could do if you did not drink blood.
The pilpul, or hair-splitting, of excuses and denials scream less than those who bleed.
Each of thousands of evil bits rained down upon innocent people in two mideast nations,
each bad "stick of fire" thrown in the air, killing people afar from the distance of cowardice,
is funded by the people who insist they need that gasoline to operate petty lives of selfishness.
The one true Grand Rebbe proved that you will alter everything for the better by altering yourself.
The Grand Rebbe asks how simple, modest people lived thousands of years without gasoline, until...

When the Grand Rebbe was asked about who is Jewish and who is not Jewish, he gave an assignment.
The assignment was to determine how many of the 4,600 Nazis who were given U.S. passports had children,
and how many of those children were allowed into the United States accompanied, but not by their own parents.
When the Grand Rebbe was asked how this could possibly figure into a computation of who is Jewish or not Jewish,
the Grand Rebbe bowed his head in sadness for just a moment, before repeating the Grand Rebbe's initial assignment.
Lo and behold, it turns out that no less than two and half thousand children were sent to the U.S.... with "orthodox" Jews!
Since we know there is no Orthodox Jew who is blue-eyed and blonde, or red-haired, and so forth, the Grand Rebbe knew.
He knew, in the midst of so many tens of thousands of "orthodox" Jews, are uncountable children and grandchildren of Nazis.
"Who is a Jew?" asked the Grand Rebbe. "Who lives as a Jew and gives and as a Jew, giving more than keeping, that is a Jew."
What makes it all so bizarre, said the Grand Rebbe, in the face of war, is that the identical truth applies as well to who is a Muslim.
"The louder you say, it," quoted the Grand Rebbe from one of the wisest Japanese men, "the less we know you can possibly mean it."