You have reached the most amazing journey of your life.
If you have mastered the Shortcuts Way of Living, then you know a ten-thousandth of what you'll find.
If you are unfamiliar with the Shortcuts Way of Living, take a deep breath, and prepare yourself.
Do you know what a polymath is? Think of a renaissance man on steroids, that's a polymath.
MisterShortcut is to a polymath... what a polymath is to you, if you can even imagine that.
If you do not understand, have no fear, you are still in for the greatest ride of your life.
The best shortcuts of masters and millionaires work approximately 100% of the time.
In return for your help in, well, combating the ultra-greedy of the world, you win.
You win because you are going to share in the master secrets of the universe.
Utilize them to achieve your less-noble goals, acting nobly along your way.
As you glide higher into the realm of human mastery, give out even more.

When you suspend your personal opinion, you absorb several times the information.
That last sentence has multiple meanings. Increase your brain power by identifying them.