MisterShortcuts has a plan, to help you become the best you can.
With the Shortcuts Way of Living, MisterShortcuts knows,
you can better put on the very best of YOUR shows.
Your life is a show, and you are on your stage,
the Shortcuts Way of Living turns your page.
Engage the best of your shortcuts every day,
to begin the Shortcuts Way of Living' better way.
MisterShortcuts can help you to better help yourself,
the Shortcuts Way of Living does not work up on the shelf.

Like a hammer or other tool you use, Shortcuts Way of Living requires use.
MisterShortcuts is here, then, to help you highlight your better way,
to make every day a Shortcuts Way of Living kind of day.
Let MisterShortcuts help you to help yourself each day.
The Shortcuts Way of Living exists to build wealth,
as Longevity Zen of Health helps keep health.
Welcome to the world of MisterShortcuts,
where shortcuts for health and wealth,
unfold to help you to help yourself.

Read between MisterShortcuts Shapetalk,
because Shapetalk brings another meaning,
Shapetalk can help your sweet new gleaning.
Shapetalk reveals the Shortcuts Way of Living.
Shapetalk unpeels the Shortcuts Way of Living.