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Soft laser (gallium-based) with bioenergetic modification by PRL for high biofield performance.

  • Safe and effective, powerful biostimulation for clinical and home use;

  • excellent for treating food, jewelry, household items and devices,

  • excellent for yard and grounds, hotel rooms, stereo systems,

  • televisions, targeted skin and body areas, and more.

    EVERYTHING, or just about everything, is polluted by electricity.
    This unique modified laser is the fruit of P.R.L.'s undeniable genius.
    One of the most dazzling inventions of the 21st century, without a doubt,
    because every one of us is weakened by electro-magnetic pollution today.
    Every one of us benefits from modified laser biostimulation.
    We believe EVERYONE in America needs a modified laser.
    Best of all, you get instant proof by testing it yourself.
    Learn the one-second test now called "QRA test."