You are moments away from a faster computer

You are only moments, at most minutes away from doubling your results.
PowerGems are the greatest shortcuts of all time, proven all-time greatest,
and you will not that most PowerGems can be stated in about a dozen words or less.
Take any PowerGem and run with it, and you will understand the prime statement of this page.
You are only moments, at most minutes away from doubling your results in most every human effort.
When you do what might seem unthinkable to too many, use two or three or more PowerGems simultaneously.
Without fail, the Shortcuts Way of Living delivers, because the Shortcuts Way of Living is about universality.
Whatever we can apply one hundred percent of the time, or near to it, presents itself as a useful shortcut.
The first step is a tough one, and it's so very much the first time jumping off a high diving board.
Having made both, MisterShortcut drew the parallel for you to perhaps understand more.
In both, you are faced with what seems a tough decision, because it IS quite a leap.
In both, you are filled with exhilaration and appreciation for having done so.
When you can learn to suspend your opinion, you raise your intelligence.
Intelligence is based on analysis of new information coming in.
High intelligence is meta-analysis of much information.
Wisdom is the observant use of what you know.
"Observant" means identifying what works.
We cannot do so when opinion presents.
So, learn to suspend your opinion.
It enables you to hear and see,
Double your brainpower.
Shhhh. Less talking,
more doing.