Master Secrets Of The Universe Ala The Shortcuts Way of Living

Whatever you may decide, it is a privilege to introduce the single most astonishing human you will ever meet.
Connected herein, you will find many, many millions of unique creations from the prolific MisterShortcut.
In fact, you can touch any character button on your keyboard, upper-case or lower-case, in fact,
to visit another MisterShortcut site. This cute trick works on a half-million unique pages.
A thousand different websites, half a million unique pages, countless mirror pages,
ballads and piano concertos. guitar virtuosity, poetry, hugely potent shortcuts,
are well within your grasp, too, or whatever most fills you with that feeling.
Reading a book or two by breakfast each day for fifteen thousand days,
re-living the shortcuts used by the smartest people to achieve most,
brilliant enough to maintain silence in the presence of masters,
who show us more than all the chattering television-ites do.
The search for and use of shortcuts is profoundly great.
You ARE the life of the Shortcuts Way of Living.
Embrace excellence as a choice, repeatedly.
Every human effort has great shortcuts.
No exception has ever been found.
This guarantees accelerations.
It guarantees excellence.
Accelerated mastery.
So, speak less.
Do more.