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The Shortcuts Way of Living For Life
Some of MisterShortcut's later accomplishments

Most prolific web designer
Most different colors in a work of art
Largest work of art in all of human history.
Largest number of individual websites AND the most web pages!
Fifteen hundred individual applications (successful) for email accounts
More individually created index pages than any other website in existence
greatest number of Top Ten listings on more search engines than any other entity
greatest number of Top One Hundred listings on more search engines than any other entity
greatest number of Top One Thousand listings on more search engines than any other entity
Over one thousand separate websites on four hundred and fifty-five servers on four continents
Most printable pages existing on any website, currently exceeding four million printable pages
Only personal website in existence to beat Microsift, Amazin.com, e-bay.com, harvard.edu -- COMBINED
Over one thousand redirect addresses - applied for, obtained, confirmed, and activated -- one at a time
Most successful philanthripic personal website ever created - Over thirty-five million cups of food generated
Most prolific author of the twentieth or twenty-first century - five hundred separate versions of five hundred separate mini-books

MisterShortcut created several hundred thousand unique web pages, establishing simultaneously
the largest personal website,     the largest emppowerment website,       the largest free website (outside of .gov),
the largest naturopathic website,       the largest self-help website,
the world's largest Quit Smoking website (based on programs from N.I.H., C.D.C., etc.)
and the largest network of private websites in existence.
For all this to have been accomplished by a single pair of hands establishes clearly the value of shortcuts,
particularly the shortcuts of masters and millionaires, Achievers and Role Models.

These shortcuts, known as PowerGems, come from the mouths and actions of our best role models,
our leaders and pioneers;   our masters and millionaires, our Achievers and Role Models.