Make it a wonderful day, on purpose, because every great day in your life,
every great moment you have ever experienced, had something to do with you.
Something you did contributed or instigated those wonderful and repeatable days.
How many truly terrific, thoroughly memorable days have you had in the course of life?
Do you really not understand that the total number of top-quality, sweet days are your choice?
At what point did knowledge you already possess in your mind melt down into little more than slush?
When did you first embrace this mediocrity, this failure to repeat what you have already done well before?
With every phone call on an unprotected, or unremediated, wireless phone, you get dumber and dumber.
Because you do not wish to believe it, and because you do not see sudden drops in mental acuity,
you prove you have no clue at knowing that thousands of tiny steps add up enormously, hm?
Did you know that it takes eighteen years for Alzheimer's to grow into clinical symptoms?
820 million cycles per second... ... smack dab in the center of what laser surgery needs.
Yes, indeed, it is identical to a microwave oven, which at least has some lead shielding.
Why do you think pregnant women are not supposed to go near microwave ovens?
It's because the leaking radiation routinely kills or damages the fetus.
Funny how selfish decisions often prove stupid, and kick us back in lack of caring.
Wonderful days do not come from never-ending decisions of self over community.
How do I run all of these individual charitable efforts with literally global reach,
using little or no gasoline, which your car transfers to 20 pounds of death per minute?
Ah, is that a surprise? Twenty pounds is just for the average car. What if your car is worse?
In the tiny village of Boro Park, children who, in better days, were walked to school each day by Mom,
chokes the street and skies with - get this - more than a thousand bus runs per week, all within a mile or two?
We offer excuses and reasons, rationalizations and justifications, and silent witness speaks louder than my words.
You have a choice in this day to make excuses or make time to do whatever it is you do best, or wish tat you did best.
Your choice is to be a loser who accepts small groups of wealthy people stepping all over you and your children, and theirs...
... or to be the one who stands up to be in that three percent, the three in every one hundred who speak less and do more,
the three in every one hundred with one brilliant common act of writing their goals into smaller pieces, crafting their map.

We have people in life who know where they are going beyond this day and this week and this month,
and we have people who know where they are going to be in twenty years' time, and you can bet on them.

Shhhh. Stop pretending to know more, with opinions on every subject, including those you have no experience in.
If only your intelligence were high enough to know that your strongest opinions as a rule are your worst untruths.
That is why you're so passionate about it: you are hiding behind the facade, just as religious people do as well.
Jews & Muslims scream loudest, as my work feeds more than most all Jewish & Muslim charities combined.
The Catholic church is the richest institution in history, promoting thousands of child molestors worldwide.
The louder you say it, the less you mean it, and we see most all religious people get might angry then.
When our logic is deficient, missing in action, or nonexistent,
we have just about nothing left but righteous indignation.
"Those who shout the loudest for war never, ever go to war themselves,
although they have no problem sending their children and other people's children."

Those who shout their religions loudest practice it least of all the citizens.

So, most of the days of your life are stunted, most often because you buy advertised items.
That's very funny, because if it is advertised, count on thirty cents to execs, thirty to advertising,
leaving remarkably little for the employee who makes or sells or fixes it or explains it to paying clients.
Lest you think the Shortcuts Way For Life has forgotten the product, how much is left for the customer?

Count this, child. Between eighty and ninety cents of every discretionary dollar you spend is spent idiotically.
That does not make you an idiot just yet. Once you know this, you have the choice to repeat your action, and results.

You also have the choice to retain those eighty to ninety cents of your dollars to invest in yourself with.
Each dollar you invest in yourself, over the long haul, proves to bring you many more dollars in return,
even when you account for all the times you must strike out in order to hit big, fat home runs.
Your life is a choice. How many wonderful, happy, profitable-in-many-ways kind of days,
how many moments of pure bliss and appreciation for being alive to enjoy sweet time,
is no more, and no less, than a result of the choice your make each separate morning,,
to do things as you did them yesterday, mathematically promoting a similar result,
or to do them as if you must, without fail, find a way to create thousands of them.

I count at least three thousand days of my life as delicious days of delight and sharing and wonder,
days of discovery and knowledge, helping and singing, the latter of which is a magical secret of longevity.

"I sing because I'm happy, and I'm happy because I sing:"

Keeps you communicating like a human, not a pitiful or boring old person.
It expands your lungs, which are, among other things, pretty important.
When you treat your lungs well, they perform dozens of jobs for you.
Why you think you can keep them nice without maintaining them?
That's a question for silly people to occupy and fritter time with.
You can replace your dollars. All you need to do is ask for them.
It is the single source of power in wealth, didn't you know that?

Get past the power of wealth so you can focus on health and giving.
It is the single greatest master secret of developing enormous wealth.
Nothing else matters, this is the only rule that you need to give yourself.

Fifty-Eight Shades Of YOU    -     Silently Customize Your Shortcuts Way For Life

If you were offered one thousand dollars in cash for each of your skills, things you do well, which means you enjoy doing it,
how many thousands would you earn, given, for example, a twenty-four time period in which to create a list of your skills?

Like most people, your list shows at least fifty-eight skills, fair enough to say?
Here is where you use the power of mathematics to multiply your fine results.
Your fifty-eight best skills, and any PowerGems of the Shortcuts Way For Life,
affect enough facets of your life that you use these shortcuts with, to help you know:
Every single facet of your life that you touch these shortcuts to becomes a sharper facet.
Use any one of those skills, today, and find something in it that you are not doing perfectly.
As long as you are able to improve by one percent, the Shortcuts Way For Life works for you.
Build on it, and let's see what's what in, oh, let's say the next one hundred days. Is that agreeable?
World-class mastery does not require the mind of a rocket scientist, because hunger trumps everything else.
If you only find fifty-eight superlative shortcuts at the Shortcuts Way For Life, is that not enough shortcuts for you?
The point is that the Shortcuts Way For Life is already inside of you, in the guise of your child persona, if you understand.
Think of Transactional Analysis, capitalized in respect, where we only think and speak as children, parents, or adults, at all times.
There will always be a child alive within you, the parts that did not develop fully with the rest of your personality and experience.
The Shortcuts Way For Life assures you that you will be stunned if you were to teach yourself to spend time with that child.
How is it that everyone has an opinion even with nearly zero knowledge, zero personal experience under the opinion?
Tony Robbins shared the idea that opinions are like table tops, requiring the legs of experience to make them stand.
Too many of your table tops are all top and no legs. The Shortcuts Way For Life is a way to modify this greatly.
The more you embrace your Shortcuts Way For Life, the more your Shortcuts Way For Life embraces you.
One way that the Shortcuts Way For Life proves your creative intelligence is with pen and a paper clip.
Please write down, within the next 100 hours, 100 uses of a paper clip. Let's get down to the nitty-gritty.
Your brain is a muscle that gets far too little exercise. Like any other muscle, exercise makes it stronger.
As of now, no more excuses for not knowing how to exercise your brain with intent of making it stronger.
With only one idea per hour, you should either breeze past 100 ideas, or list 100 uses long before 100 hours.
At the core of the Shortcuts Way For Life is the aim of awakening your own internal Shortcuts Way For Life.
There is Shapetalk inside of you, as surely as there is a Shortcuts Way For Life (mostly sleeping) inside of you.
If you are smart enough to use recipes to cook tasty dishes, if you are smart enough to plan a wedding in writing,
then the Shortcuts Way For Life needs to know why you think that planning your life in writing is less potent for you.
Fifty-eight shades of you, one hundred shades of you, there is Shapetalk, poetry, shortcuts, action and excellence in you.

With life moving past you at 1,440 minutes, EVERY DAY,
When do we wake up YOUR inner giant?

The ease and simplicity of the Shortcuts Way For Life, and most PowerGems,
will work in your favor every day that you work these shortcuts in your favor.

You are invited to prove you are smarter than many might thing with a Shortcuts Way For Life secret trick.
The single set of exercises involved with writing out 100 uses for a paper clip increases your intelligence.
The exercises involved with writing out 100 uses for a paper clip increases your creative intelligence,
your PROBLEM-SOLVING skills. The capabilities are already within you, awaiting your command.
Since capability exists, it is repeated exercise of the skill that makes you smarter and smarter.
For example, let us pretend that you are smart enough to do this weekly, for a month or so.
By the time you've found 100 uses for five different items, or even the paper clip, if you wish,
your brain will be so much better at problem-solving, at producing innovative, creative solutions,
you will wonder why the Shortcuts Way For Life is not taught to every schoolchild across the world.
Go ahead and dare to get smarter, on purpose! Since it costs you no more than otherwise wasted time...
For the Shortcuts Way For Life to succeed, you need to succeed at it, so, speak a bit less and do a bit more.
What you know, including what you only think you know, plays second fiddle to what you do with what you know.

Is there something about increasing your intelligence,
repeatedly increasing your creative intelligence,
that is less than something desirable to you?
Wake up! No one else is doing it for you.
"If it is to be, then it is up to me"

Pen and paper, please...

              ... and a paper clip



Shapetalk PowerGems
Shortcuts Way For Life Poem
PowerGems and Shapetalk, all in a row,
PowerGems and Shapetalk, putting on a show.
The best of all your PowerGems, wisdom that works,
is where the Shapetalk guides us, to EyeCandy perqs.
The best of PowerGems, and the best of cute Shapetalk,
are all equally designed to help you best walk YOUR walk.
The PowerGems inside of you, the Shapetalk you've not uttered,
may be the most potent reasons, your performance is in the gutter.
It's not that you are stupid, we hope, for look how well you usually cope,
if PowerGems are a lifeline rope, together we can prove that you are no dope.
The less you speak as the more you do, the more we will know your claims are true.
Shortcuts Way For Life PowerGems are the shortcuts of masters, millionaires... and you.
Engage your PowerGems,
in Shapetalk EyeCandy style,
better inform your use of time,
more wisely pass your own while.
Petty chatter is no less than a theft,
of your truly most precious possessions,
what remains of your millions of seconds.
PowerGem & Shapetalk your way to success.
Too much dirt in chatter, precluding PowerGems.
When you clean your minutes, they produce wealth.
Realize just how much power now resides within you.
Even the tiniest use of your many great powers, repeated,
produces results greater than all around you, even combined.
If I ask ten people 10x each, while you ask a thousand, you win.
Asking more people more times each is your wealthiest PowerGem.
There is no known wealth shortcut more potent, or faster, than asking.
If you need to give ten reasons, if you have to ask ten times, ask away.
90% of all the yesses you hear from birth to death are after the 7th "ask."
Praise and agree with objections, then convert them into your resolutions.
Aid your Shortcuts Way For Life, so your Shortcuts Way For Life aids you.
This yields more of your most valuable possessions, seconds of your life.

It works close to one hundred percent of the time when you do it repeatedly.
Ethically ask people for ethical reasons to give you money, and give they will.
When you take a job for 20 bucks an hour, you are asking for 20 bucks per hour.
When you give people reasons to give you money, they will, provided you ask for it.
You get to choose just what value you place on whatever you are selling, including you.

What would happen if you spent one hour every week of your life getting better at something else?
Something else from what you are getting paid for now, UNLESS you love doing what you get paid for,
Did no one inform you that when you do what you love, you then need only find people to pay you for it,
in which case this rule, this mystically, magically omnipotent master secret of the universe works better?
One hour per week adds up to mastery faster than you now know, when you do something you love to do.

Speak less and do more, see better, more gratifying results that pay off generously and repeatedly, for life, even.
Create the happiest moments of your life every day. Find a way, make a way, to make your life likeable to you now....

and then, when you will look back and regret less the things you did than the things you didn't, your list will be shorter.

Shapetalking nuggest, lined up in a row, Shapetalking all to help improve YOUR show.
While shapetalking here, sometimes shapetalking there, we illuminate the path to take us there,
to a place we have yet to experience before, through Shapetalking the Shortcuts Way For Life brings more.

The Shortcuts Way For Life and Longevity Zen of Health , shapetalking capitals of the internet, for YOUR self-empowerment.