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  • Natural-Medicines.US, for those committed to healing themselves naturally, with strictly natural medicines and remedies, because natural medicines are safer.

  •, because top doctors know that top doctors all around the world are those who agree that natural medicines are safer and more likely to be effective.

  • is another "Natural Medicines" website brought to you via the Longevity Zen of Health by MisterShortcut

  • - free for your life - Natural Medicines - The Zen of Alternative Remedies.
    Healing yourself naturally with alternative remedies is safer and costs less. Alternative Remedies Capital of the World.

  • DoctorDavid.US. Natural medicines and so much more at www.DoctorDavid.US, another "better health" website, and created for you by MisterShortcut

  • Natural medicines and so much more at DrDavidCohen.US, another "better health" healthsites

  • - Naturopathic medicine focuses on the benefits of natural medicines versus chemical approaches.

  •, crafted by Mister Shortcuts, introduces you to a fantastically effective, non-invasive approach to finding out what is most unique about you - your individual sensitivities to some 16,000 substances. Exquisitely accurate biofeedback therapy with Bodyscan2010. Natural approaches do not always require the ingestion of substances! Natural versus chemical approaches.

  • - natural medicinescost less. Mr. Shortcut invites you to look at time, appointments, dollars, pain, lost work time, travel, and more. Natural medicines save more than just lives.  Top doctors of naturopathy and natural medicines

  • - Natural medicines | When we look at people who live stronger for longer, we see them using natural medicines and basic foods to extend their Longevity . It's worth a few minutes per day to learn more so you can live more.

  • Great Shortcuts of masters and champions, those who repeatedly lead How to succeed faster at anything and everything with great shortcuts. Make them YOUR great shortcuts. Another self-empowerment site from MisterShortcut and YOUR Longevity Zen of Health

  • Natural Medicines -Heal yourself naturally, and your best natural medicines || Look at any comparison of cancer drugs against natural medicines. You are likely to be surprised at just how effective natural medicines actually are.

  • Natural medicines and foods and flowers are the basis of this incredibly beautiful website. Huge resource of health tips and information on natural medicines and flowers and foods known to promote healing.

  • Better Health For Each And All Of Us - , one of the world's most effective naturopathic doctors, among the top doctors of all naturopathic medicine in the world. More than thirty years of helping people around the world achieve better health with foods that promote healing and natural medicines. Without a doubt, natural medicines are safer and healthier. For your better health.

  • TowerLinks! - In pursuit of sharing the benefits of natural medicines, MisterShortcut shares these TowerLinks, another set of Shapelinks EyeCandy creations to help you find better health, naturally.

  • Natural medicines find us here,
    Natural medicines, which oil our gears,
    with drug reps out to steal them away,
    who will save natural medicines today?

    For thousands of years, in thousands of lands,
    natural medicines have been used by all mother's hands.
    Now they are out, to steal them away,
    who will save natural medicines today?

    How much does the Longevity Zen of Health believe in you personally?

    Well, all of these healthiest websites,
    from the Longevity Zen of Health onward,
    filled with YOUR healthiest shortcuts to Longevity
    exist because you are a valuable, important human being.

    There is a mathematical need to recognize, like it or not,
    that you may be one of the thousand of each generation,
    one thousand very unique humans,
    who truly change the world.

    The Longevity Zen of Health is here to serve.
    HOWEVER, no one can shove it down your throat.
    The Longevity Zen of Health works about as much as you.
    The Longevity Zen of Health repays about as much as you put into it.
    The Godfather of Shortcuts uses interactive fun, EyeCandy, to promote your health.
    Using information gleaned from reading a book or more per day for fifteen thousand days,
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    Using any one or two of the PowerGems of the Longevity Zen of Health , repeatedly,
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    Let's do it, hm? Together, in a manner of speaking, and all naturally

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    Natural medicines bring us here,
    Natural medicines, becoming more dear,
    with Congress out to steal them away,
    who will save natural medicines today?

    For thousands of years, in thousands of lands,
    natural medicines have been used by all mother's hands.
    Now they are out, to steal them away,
    who will save natural medicines today?

    Only through the persistent involvement of tax-paying, cost-burdened patients and citizens, will natural medicines be saved. That the U.S. Congress wishes to deprive us all of our natural rights to use natural medicines is nothing less than a scourge upon the name of the institution itself. Natural medicines do not harm; they help, versus chemical approaches, which do, to all accounting and honest representation, cause far more injuries, sicknesses, and deaths than they help. Natural medicines do not kill anyone. Natural medicines do not hurt or sicken or injure anyone. They cost far less. So, why are natural medicines under attack?

    You guessed it: money. Natural medicines cost far less than chemicals do, erough the chemicals themselves cost far less to manufacture and bottle. Isn't that something? With executives taking hundred-million dollar bonuses and beyond, it's silly to think that natural medicines will not continually come under attack until and unless citizens and patients decide that natural medicines must remain free from such burdensome repression. Speak up or accept the consequences that our children and grandchildren will have to experience unless we save our right to access natural medicines.

    The Right To Natural Medicines

    Look it up. The Constitution could not be clearer about our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Surely natural medicines cannot conceivably be exempted from these constitutional imperatives? Protect your right to natural medicines by speaking up on behalf of your favorite natural medicines. Call, write, today, if you want to protect our rights to natural medicines.