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Nutrition And Garbage Together - Which In Moderation?

If your diet is not MOSTLY vegetables and fruits, along with the garbage all humans tap into,
if your diet is MOSTLY garbage and some good rather than the other way around,
then we can be certain that your heart and/or liver are already overtaxed.
When your excesses catch up with you, look to alternative medicines.
Without a doubt, alternative medicines and remedies are safer.
Not by a small amount, either. Numbers do not lie, do they?
Thousands of people die in our nation every single week,
JUST from taking drugs ordered by their medical doctors.
It does not matter about the who's, why's, wherefore's.

To the Longevity Zen of Health , it's all about you.
Alternative medicines, natural remedies are safer.

How good they are for you is for you to determine.
Do so WITH your professional health practitioner.
That requires all your participation in decisions,
rather than merely following someone else's.
Alternative medicines also cost you less,
in money, pain, and side effects, too.
Note that folks do not die from them.
Alternative medicines are natural.
Hence, they are naturally good.

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So, between the Shortcuts Way of Living and the Longevity Zen of Health , you have choices.
You can choose to allow other people to make your decisions for you, or you can decide.
"DECISION" is from the Latin root that means "to cut" as in recision, excision, etc.
With "decision," you are cutting off from any other possibility, which YOU need to do.
Make the decision to learn more about whatever ails you or concerns your health personally.
Your skill in learning just two or three new facts per day will rapidly build up your expertise.

Learn more so you can live more. Drink water, breathe quite a bit more deeply than you have been.

Please, do not forget to stretch your muscles every waking hour.
How many arthritic cats have YOU seen lately?

(ANSWER:) Only those that eat bad foods.
Boost your health, the health of your loved ones.
Less talking about what you know, and more doing of it.
Welcome to your own personal perception of the Longevity Zen of Health.