You correct one of the greatest mistakes of your life when you listen openly.
You mistakenly accept as an insult that which helps you instantly get smarter.
How do we argue the subject of how to get smarter with anyone who has gotten smarter many times?
Is mastery no longer a function of observing how many times a person repeats a bit of excellence?
Because we all know it's true that what you do speaks so loudly that you need not say a word,
the best information always comes from those who do it better, not those who talk about it.
A recent glance at Sunday morning shows revealed people best described as parasitical.
Chattering magpies and fat parasites. Not a one has expertise or even some mastery.
Imagine how lively those shows would be if populated by ex-generals and masters.
Since you only get a thousand minutes per day in which to achieve one goal,
doesn't it make sense for you to spend more time listening to masters?
If you're not getting your information from the mouth of the horse,
does that mean you're getting it from the wrong end of the horse?
Pay very careful attention and the next few minutes will expand.
You will remember the next five or ten minutes of your life forever.
More than the fifty or hundred points that separate your brain from mine,
we count thousands of masters, millionaires, and champions who have taught me.
Through the anonymous and obviously-accomplished "me," they speak to you directly.
Millions of unique pages just to bring you down to moments like these of unbridled power.
Give me all of your conscious mind with a silent mouth right now and we'll change you forever.
The magical secret to being able to receive this information is a total suspension of your opinion.
Because you have no experience raising your I.Q. dozens of times, as I still do, you need to be silent.
You have two ears and one mouth, right? Two eyes and one mouth? Two nostrils, and just that one mouth.
When you use your ears, eyes, and nostrils twice as much as one mouth, you take in six times more than you emit.
Repeatedly raise your intelligence by returning to a practice you had as an infant, when your learning curve was huge.
As an infant, you used your ears twice as much, your eyes and nostrils twice as much, and you learned six times as much.

The Shortcuts Way of Living safely promises and guarantees that you can continue this practice as an adult.
You will be no less than staggered when you literally observe your intelligence going up again and again.
In this precise minute and moment, you are invited to correct one of the greatest mistakes of your life.
Most of your life has been aiming at your arrival at this precise minute and focus of immense power.
You will remember this minute in time years from now, looking back each time you fix this mistake.

Shapetalk for you, and Shapetalk for her,
anyone using Shapetalk is bound for the wire,
reaching for all new re-rising,
with shortcuts to sweeter horizons,
where everything leans to the Shapetalk Way,
where every moment's spent in resolution today.

Don't be bashful. Create your own Shapetalk, or other expression of your joy in life.
Critics, those who choose not to invest the effort into their own excellence,
can say that art is the result of pain. Ignore such silly caterwauling.
Whoever you are, there is a visual or audio way to express YOU.
Unless you are one in a billion, there is joy in your life.
Whether you recognize or appreciate it is a reflection.
Whether it is happy or sad depends mostly on... you.
Your mind always go towards where it is pointed.
From this second on, and forever in your life,
control more of where you point your mind.
This alone will replicate your wealth.
Bring your joys up to your surface.
Please show us who, what you are.
Profit is found in what you love.
You need not believe anyone.
Proving this is not a cost.
Quite the opposite, hm?
The Shapetalk Capital;