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One of the few great certainties of life is that you're capable of doing better one time for every twelve tries.
Engaging in this one practice is absolutely guaranteed to double your results or income in every area of human endeavor.
The simple act of getting one percent better every time you try something has magical results that defy all logic.

The Shortcuts Way of Living

You cannot learn less, so learn more with the Shortcuts Way of Living and the Longevity Zen of Health ,
by orders of magnitude the largest empowerment websites and network in the world.

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A Peek Into the Shortcuts Way of Living.
The idea is to provide you with the best shortcuts of all time.
That's right. best shortcuts of all time. That eliminates quite a few.
The Shortcuts Way of Living is a lifelong quest of many minds to accelerate results,
in quality with quantity, using the best shortcuts of masters and champions - those who do it better.
Sorry, if you knew better, you'd do better.
In its eleventh year on the internet,
and still the largest private network in existence,
the Shortcuts Way of Living of Masters and Millionaires,
along with more than a thousand other Mr Shortcuts websites,
you will find to be magnificent sources of information - NON-laterally.
This means wending your way through EyeCandy and deliciously interactive distractions,
always looking for the nuggets of rock-solid shortcut power you'll find on 100,000 unique pages.
The other few hundred thousand are just art expressions to entice your interest in accelerating your results.

You are commanded not to enjoy the EyeCandy; it's here strictly for the pleasure of MisterShortcut.
You're welcome to use what you wish, take as you will, with half your profits feeding hungry people near you.
No, not you and your family when you're hungry, Wisenheimer; hungry as in cannot feed themselves.
Half of your new profits once you're in the serious green, a fifth will do fine until then.
Don't send it to me. I have no interest in money, proven by 500,000 great pages with no shopping carts.
Within some few miles of where you live there are desperately hungry people who just need a hand up.

Zig Ziglar taught me, and perhaps a dozen million other people, that the only time we can look down on someone...
is when we're reaching down to offer a hand up. You've had help, and you get plenty here. What goes around....

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Such a wonderful man to have given to us all one of the ten best programs of all time -- for free. We learn from his example.