Imbalanced Trials of the Century   - The Who's Who Debacle and Tragedy

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Presuming you could believe it possible that 10,000, or 12,000 top corporate leaders were, one at a time AND repeatedly scammed out of a total of millions and millions of dollars, a few hundred dollars at a time, is it even conceivable it would or could be kept out of public knowledge?

Let's get REALLY stupid. How about 50,000 of the sharpest minds in America... submitting to a 30- to 70-minute interview, then scammmed for money, and up to seven years later duplicating the process with the same company?
Put your seat belts on, because what you're about to read, fully documented, has got to compel the attention of ee most jaded mind. This is U.S. government corruption at its most transparent and provable.
When Reed Elsevier gets busy, look out!
This may be the most far-reaching case of government corruption in American history, because its intended goal was to shut down the largest executive club ever created.  

 That goal was attained, sponsored by a great deal of corporate money... provided by Reed Elsevier, angry at being a distant second when they are the largest and most powerful media company on earth... as well as the largest single influence on the legal and judicial community in America.  

The more objectively the evidence is viewed, the greater the concern it arouses.

In the blink of an eye, the world's largest executive networking organization of 72,000 corporate and institutional leaders disappeared. It seems beyond the pale of credibility that such an enormous multidecamillion-dollar establishment could vanish with not a ripple in the instantly-alert media of the late twentieth century.    Due process appears sporadically in this case. Reed Elsevier, owner of so many corporate, financial, medical, legal, and judicial crown jewels, did not like being a distant second amongst America's 1,700 Who's Who organizations.

One of the 100 longest federal trials of the past two hundred years, and many tens of millions of dollars, you haven't heard about it in any American media, because of a news blackout.
The US gov't alleged that one man and six employees actually scammed SEVENTY-TWO THOUSAND      of the best and brightest in every field of America... ONE AT A TIME... ... and that each one of these brilliant people, including 54,000 of our Fortune 1000 CEO's and Presidents, Chairmen of the Boards and V.P.'s, were ripped off REPEATEDLY over a period of seven years!! Yet, not a word on TV or radio, nothing in the New York Times or Washington Post, in fact, not a word in any newspapers.     Is this possible?

Brain surgeons and billionaires, Prime Ministers and Presidential surgeons...
the corporate and institutional leaders of this generation, all alleged victims,
yet never a public word.    Impossible?    Ah, the power of corporate money.

Sumner Redstone, Georgette Mosbacher, Joseph Barbera, Arnold Langbo, Robert DiNicola, John Leonis, and so many tens of thousands of other obviously happy members of Who's Who Worldwide, -- ('obviously' because 40,000 members upgraded and/or renewed their memberships over a period of six years)-- were all stripped of their membership in the Who's Who Executive Club --- in a single day --- at the behest of the world's largest, richest, most powerful media and legal publishers: Reed Elsevier. Reed Elsevier, as you may know, owns Lexus Nexis, Martindale-Hubbel, and scores of other companies, many of the Who's Who organizations around the world, including Who's Who in America. Reed Elsevier simply hated the thought of an 'upstart' Who's Who organization like Who's Who Worldwide Registry coming along and making a laughingstock of Who's Who in America, with a subscriber list of barely twenty thousand.
In less than eight years, Who's Who Worldwide became the undisputed leader in its industry, more than seventy-four thousand members strong, and Reed Elsevier determined that they would eliminate the competition by fair means or foul, legal means or illicit. .
Unlike nine of the top magazine clearinghouses, drug companies, tobacco companies and Publisher's Clearinghouse, each of which have been fined TENS of millions of dollars, yet never losing a day of business; no one ever arrested even when these companies admit to deceiving people on enormous scales. Closed in a single day, with never a warning, even when the mysteriously missing Postal Inspector personally came by and gave his blessings to the Publisher of Who's Who Worldwide.

Just two months later, he arrested that same publisher and disappeared. He turned up later on CBS's 60 minutes as an "security expert" in a ridiculously overpaid position. Beigelman apparently decided that the sixteen years of investment into his retirement plan couldn't wait another 39 months to submit his retirement papers and collect a nice check for the rest of his life, guaranteed.

You read that correctly: he surrendered his retirement package before the close of this case.

What compels even a skeptical mind is that

the precise business practices for which the government closed Who's Who Worldwide are the identical innovations and practices engaged in by Reed Elsevier SUBSEQUENT to the closing of Who's Who Worldwide!
Now, Class, can anyone tell us whether Reed Elsevier has been closed, or its officers and employees arrested for these identical business practices? That's right:
not a dime in fines, not a word of government disapprobation, not a day's business lost. Such is the result of corruption and bribery within our own shores from the foreign-based, multinational juggernaut called Reed Elsevier. Their business fingers are in every single legal pie in America. Their power, backed by billions of dollars, remains unchecked.

It is clear that Reed Elsevier had to have help from corrupt government influences, beginning with a rather weasel-like U.S. Postal Inspector named Martin Biegelman, and reaching higher and higher into the judicial and executive branches.
The trial transcript speaks for itself, one exculpatory item after another, until there were hundreds of factors demanding an innocent finding.
Believe it or not, the Postal Service was able to place several of its employees on the jury. From there it gets worse:   even after jurors complained of undue and improper influence, the judge refused to hear it. In open court, on the record, he told one juror who was in tears over the tainted process, "I don't wan't to hear it!."
One defense attorney even asked the jury outright, on the record, to please find his client guilty!
You read that correctly. There were no caveats, or maybe's,   or "if you's..." Just a simple, plain request that the jury find his client guilty, at which point the attorney sat down, leaving the courtroom silent and stunned.
Not a word of protest from any of the other nine defense attorneys present, all in the employ and pay of the federal government.
When that attorney's client tried to fire him, the judge refused, even to the point of intimidating, and indirectly threatening the defendant.
We can go on and on, but it's always best to let the trial record speak for itself, right?
The links below lead to the transcripts themselves, at least those that were obtainable, as the nine attorneys all refused to provide the defendants with a complete transcript, not in print, not on disk. 12,000+ pages of trial transcript, and you never even heard of this case, did you?
Fifty million dollars allegedly defrauded out of the sharpest, brightest, most successful men and women of America,  repeatedly -- and you never heard a word, did you?
One of the defendants, thrilled at working at the Who's Who Worldwide Registry, produced the documents linked at the bottom of this page through the Shortcuts Way of Living Masters and Millionaires link here - And at the bottom of the page, produced as a result of his 5,200 interviews, individual interviews, with America's best and brightest minds. We hope you'll benefit from them. We already know you have the brains to understand; the question is not what you know, rather, what you do with what you know. You cannot build a reputation based on what you're going to do. Henry Ford is credited with creating that phrase, and it's a biggie, because it applies to you personally. You cannot build a reputation based on what you're going to do. Everything else is chatter.
NOTE: This trial was exceptionally long. Some pages may take a few moments to load.

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      Still unexplained is how the postal inspector who spearheaded and supervised a multi-year, multimillion dollar investigation, showed up for all the pre-trial hearings but wasn't heard from throughout the months and months of trial. Neither prosecutors nor ten federally hired and paid defense attorneys spoke up? What court would ignore it, unless the Court had sufficient extrinsic motivation?

Sampling of Members - WoW!!

The only pre-trial hearing securable to date, and those transcripts that were available:

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Absolute power certainly corrupts absolutely.
Although this site is being replicated on servers all around the world, there will be little surprise in seeing them disappear one by one, as Reed Elsevier and their hired government 'employees' find them, and erase them.

The only question remaining is, which one reporter in the U.S. has the courage to investigate and report this story? It certainly won't be the larger TV newsmagazines... two of them began... and were silenced.


There is, I think, an essential difference of character in mankind, between those who wish to do, and those who wish to have certain things. I observe persons expressing a great desire to possess fine horses, hounds, dress, equipage, etc, and an envy of those who have them.       I myself have no such feeling, nor the least ambition to shine, except by doing something better than others. I have the love of power, but not of property. I should like to be able to outstrip a greyhound in speed; but I should be ashamed to take any merit to myself from possessing the fleetest greyhound in the world. I cannot transfer my personal identity from myself to what I merely call mine. The generality of mankind are contented to be estimated by what they possess, instead of what they are.
                        William Hazlitt     1778-1830

Masters and Millionaires

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   All rights reserved.

How Reed Elsevier used corruption to crush the world's largest executive club or network ever created, Who's Who Worldwide Registry.

Talk about miscarriage of justice!   To date, the news blackout has been total.

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Imbalanced Trials of the Century
- The Who's Who Debacle and Tragedy

There are no less than nineteen solid reasons to describe the Who's Who Worldwide Registry trial as being the Worst Federal Trials In America.

Above all is the clear and irrefutable evidence that the Who's Who Worldwide Registry and Who's Who Worldwide Executive Club were crushed by the corruption of Reed Elsevier and select U.S. government officials. As the wise lady said, "Follow the money."

EIGHT YEARS LATER, the author of these 245,000 pages on several hundred different websites -- all relating to The Who's Who Debacle and Tragedy, was ordered to turn himself in to serve a three-year federal prison term AND court-ordered, involuntary subjection to chemical therapy for a period of six years.

Interesting that the judge found him to be so crazy as to require such extraordinary punishment, yet found him quite sane enough to have conducted over a thousand conversations with America's corporate and insitutional leaders, and "scamming them" -- despite the fact that most of them were repeat members of Who's Who Worldwide.

You might stop and cogitate on the previous paragraph.

Go ahead, tell us it's just coincidence that the biggest self-empowerment website on the internet, even with the illegal page-waxing (illegal hacking and erasing) committed repeatedly at the behest and payment of Reed Elsevier, has been subject to more hacking attacks than a hundred other popular websites combined.

This was a rare case, indeed. No crime took place. The largest executive club in history shuttered in a single day. From twenty million dollars per year to absolute zero and beyond.

Reed Elsevier, foreign corporation based in the Netherlands, is the largest publisher in the world, with hundreds of subsidiary companies, including many of the Who's Who publications, along with so many others. Reed Elsevier is about as dirty and corrupt as a company can get. Their cash provides instant access to the influence of federal judges, postal inspectors, as well as some of the superiors of such federal employees.

This was one of the dirtiest trials, if not the definitive dirty trial of the 20th century.
Reed Elsevier illegally crushed the largest executive club in the world, and sent innocent people to jail. Boycott Reed Elsevier, and ask others to boycott Reed Elsevier. No foreign corporation should wield such unholy and cash-rich influence over American civil servants, and the free enterprise system Americans are supposed to Constitutionally enjoy.
Imbalanced Trials of the Century.