Imagine investing just about 15 or 20 minutes per day learning how to collect gorgeous photographs.
Not just naked chicks. All types of photographs that make you say, "Get outta here!"

From sunsets to smoking ladies, all forms of eyecandy.

After a thousand days, you're pretty good at it. Sucking a few hundred photos here and there, every once in awhile you hit a mother lode of a thousand or more
(there was once a free site, I think it was called - they had 7,777 photos, and I had the great good fortune to pick nearly three hundred photos of the five thousand I viewed as being "best of the best.")

After 2000 days you stop and see that, even after deleting thousands of dogs,
you're left with just 90,000 of the sweetest females on the planet. About 255,000 photos left out of the original 400,000 plus.

90,000 above-sweet females!   What do you do with such a collection? Well, for one thing, you can share it. That's what I've chosen to do.     Addresses will be provided for you.

"zaboo" and "bazoo" Most Gorgeous Females are all hosted at fee hosts; full of banner ads at the top of each page.
Let's start you with the key to a treasure trove, one of those amazing secret addresses, hidden in plain sight, no one can see it, and it's a direct mother lode for you;
one you'll love, okay, we'll throw in a second one, which ought to be DOUBLY pleasing,
because in a single page, you'll have one-click access to collections of whatever floats your boat.

God bless freedom and the American Constitution.... or what's left of it.
Long live the right to share what is natural, beautiful, nonviolent, and universally beneficial.

Please note that a distinct majority of these photos were chosen less for the girl's beauty - often stunning -
and more for the fact that these are smiling ladies - they are not just participants - they take joy in their participation,
which adds to the quality of the experience, ey?

Enjoy, and thanks for.. your courtesy.
Two out of 10 links are blind links leading to commercial sites. When they pop up, just hit CTRL and W to close popups instantly (ALT + F4 is another "window closing" shortcut).

Magic Place for Photos Number One

Magic Place for Photos Number Two

Of course it doesn't make sense that I could create this in my current situation.
It's just that tough times call for tough people, and it's important to express appreciation for the few who act on their beliefs,
rather than blindly obeying beyond healthy compliance with safety and other important issues.
Thank you, Sir.

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