Paul Newman Always Honored At The Shortcuts Way of Living,
because Paul Newman is a national treasure in the eyes of the Shortcuts Way of Living and The Godfather of EyeCandy
Thanks to the inspiration of the living saint that Paul Newman has become,
these one million pages were crafted for you to empower yourself and to help feed others,
all by the prolific MisterShortcut, believing without restriction in the power and potential of what's inside of you.

The Hon. Mr.Paul Newman
This note, custom-made for you,
is designed to present you with news,
of what you have wrought, inspired and more,
by refusing to allow them to keep you out of the door.
How you struggled and fought, to sell as and when you could,
determined to succeed, to make life work out as it should.
You set the stage, dear man, for younger folk like me,
to carry your torchlight, self-fulfilling self-history.
The glory, the fame, the dollars and hollers,
don't sit well under everyone's collars.
To feed by the million is joy, so true,
and the poem is just a 'thank you.'
Took a thousand or so of my more articulate observations based on what I've read, experienced, and otherwise learned.
The odd feature of having had role models who encouraged development of both left-brain and right-brain pursuits,
one of the numerous singular results was and remains the ability to recognize definable genius at all times.
This commitment to flexibility has created a range of breakthroughs that have to stagger the mind,
including the minds of the few who perform likewise. The Shortcuts Way of Living is born.
Articulate, compressed shortcuts of masters and millionaires and champions.
In fact, there are hundreds of words you can type into search engines,
when accompanied by any of MisterShortcut's primary words,
will produce a preponderance of pages by the same hands.
You see, some people respond to being forcibly slapped.
Others react better to gentle stimuli, adjectives,etc.
So, a thousand versions of each PowerGem exist.
Sometimes less, on rare occasion even more,
but about a thousand of each PowerGem.
This pursues a broader range of appeal.
Tens of thousands of Shapelinks,
MisterShortcut EyeCandy bits;,
millions of the food buttons.
All to feed the hungry.
Thanks, Mr. Newman.
With pride and love,

Ode To Paul Newman

This tribute to Paul Newman is one of many thousands you can find at the Shortcuts Way of Living.
Hard to see why Mr. Newman has not been recognized as one of the five or ten great humans of all time.
Let's neither understate nor understate, and make sure the we clearly understand which Paul Newman we're referring to.

Isn't that sad that we even need to separate such a giant human from the puny folks he's surrounded by, on both coasts?

No, not fat Newman from the Seinfeld show. We're talking about Mr. Paul Newman, actor, director, race car driver, producer, and, did we mention two of his larger accomplishments, being happily married for decades and decades? Let's move to the big boy: one of the most effective, productive humanitarians of all time. Do you realize and recognize how many people he's fed with Newman's Own?

Millions and millions of human beings, saved from so much suffering as the result of the actions and shortcuts taken by Paul Newman.
If in fact Mr. Paul Newman is NOT a living saint, the Shortcuts Way of Living would love to see who does merit such praise.
Building his company from nothing, and getting other decent and like-minded people to help, he did it right. His company produces foods that are, rare enough, both nutritious AND delicious, and that's a tough combination to beat. Paul Newman chose to give his profits to invest in feeding and helping humans who are incapable of helping themselves. This is no welfare-fattening fella, Paul Newman is the real deal.

All in favor of seconding The Shortcuts Way of Living 's nomination of Mr. Paul Newman one of the few humans who ever deserve canonization during their lifetimes? What act of a Pope or national leader comes close to a man who invests a hundred bags of a million dollars into buying food for starving people, and more?

What deeds of rock stars and concerts come close in actual food going into actual empty stomachs of children who are delightful except for having empty stomachs, what day-to-day excellence in philanthropy have any of your celebrities demonstrated? They're too busy with fifty thousand dollar per month apartments and weekends in the Hamptons, as if they'll go to sleep as sweetly as Paul Newman does, as other people do who invest minutes of their life every day seeking to do something to offset the literally criminal imbalance in the world.

Paul Newman's done it right, and should be declared Man of the Century and given every award the world offers true givers, from Nobel to Medal of Freedom, this is a man helping to solve some of the worst of the world's problems by fixing some of its most basic ones.

If Paul Newman can glean such happiness and fulfillment and Longevity feeding people.
do you not think you, too, will enjoy the fantastic success of this living saint by following his lead?
Half of the world goes to bed hungry every night, and it's enraging to learn that most are just children.
Use the Shortcuts Way of Living to help feed the starving - NO CHARGE

Nice to know you can make a difference
GREAT sponsors of (no relation to us). buy cups of food for starving people with free clickthroughs!
When you click this food button and the one that pops open a starving human gets fed, at no charge to you.
This is a prime function of the Shortcuts Way of Living.   What goes up...

Shapelinks To Entice You Into Excellence
the Shortcuts Way of Living is pleased to bring you Shapelinks,
a few thousand of many hundreds of thousands of MisterShortcut innovations,
all inspired by the living saint we call Mr. Paul Newman, to help you get there.
By empowering yourself, there's a better chance you'll help to feed more starving people.

Paul Newman Is, In Fact, A Living Saint

Paul Newman may be a saint,
'tho there are those who may say he ain't.
All we can say, in support of Paul Newman Day,
is that he is showing us all a better way.
Paul Newman is good, Paul Newman is great,
and this nation lacks leave to appreciate,
all because he's an actor, touched by Hollywood's taint,
and still the Shortcuts Way of Living declares,
Paul Newman a living saint.

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Living Saint Declaration or "Paul Newman Day" ?
How about you? Do YOU believe Paul Newman is a living saint?
If we cannot get Paul Newman named as a living saint, whatever his religion,
can we at least get Congress to declare a national Paul Newman Day?
We can all celebrate by feeding extra starving kids. Yay for Paul Newman Day!