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It's very important that you separate each hour. At the end of the day we're going to do and review, and create a short, powerful written set of instructions.

Take this 3-question intelligence test: 1) You'll be paid 5000 dollars to go to 7 Kristi Lane, Woodbury NY tomorrow morning at 9am. Would you try to get there with or without a map or other written instructions?

2) I just built a new house. Your job is furnish it and make it comfortable and ready in 30 days. Would you do it all off the top of your head, or be more comfortable with a written plan?

3) You're inviting 125 guests to a party in one month. Would you call them all one by one to invite them, or would you ask them to commit to writing with a written invitation and RSVP?
Would you have a list of who to invite, what foods/beverages, and so forth, or would you do it all from memory?

All three of these are journeys most of us take in life. There's no way you're going to do any of these things without a written plan, correct? The written plan helps to make it happen faster, and better, true, or not?

I cannot for the life of me understand why any human being, you, me, or anyone else, would embark upon all of these journeys with a written plan, and yet can't be bothered with a map or other written instruction for the most important journey of all…life!! You appear to have personally forgotten that the single most important journey we'll ever take... is life itself.

Do you have any idea how much faster and better your wishes occur when you create a written plan?

Do you somehow think that your opinion on this has any value whatsoever until you show your written plan or the results of a written plan? Ha. Your words mean nothing, because we can all already tell whether or not you have a written plan; because if you do have a written plan, there are people all around you who know it because you somehow seem to make time for plans, don't you? And if not, we see that, too. All of us. With a written plan for your life, everyone who wants to be like you is indeed interested in your opinion.

Without a written plan for your life, I assure you that no one cares, least of all the face in your mirror ...unless possibly your mother or spouse... who can never provide more than 49% of your dreams or wishes.

I know you wouldn't take a trip to a specific house in California or New York without a written set of instructions. Isn't the rest of your life even more important than travelling, or building a house? How could you possibly be so arrogant as to think you're going to get to the top of your personal ladder without written plans? Sounds like arrogance and chutzpah combined!

Thousands and thousands of millionaires and true masters that I've personally interviewed, again and again and again refer to written plans when they're asked what they attribute their success to.

Corporate and instutional leaders at the top of the American food chain, almost every one pops out with answers like, "Written list of 6 most important things to do today; I've used it for years" or "Creating a map for each month and each day.

When you have a thousand dollars, you mentally apportion pieces of it for different purposes, during those occasions where you act intelligently with that thousand, right?

If you claim that your life is worth more than a thousand bucks, clam up and prove it. Your life is the quite similar to that thousand dollars: when you handle it intelligently, you look at what you have to work with. At the top of your list of resources is, simply enough, your time.

Let's be generous and say seventy years of adulthood, ok?

Seventy years is 840 months. Before you jump to the thought that this is an enormous amount, please remember that sleeping and dressing eight hours per day will eat up 280 of your 840 months. Ouch.

That leaves 560 months. Whoops. If you work eight hours per day at something you don't love, we have to take off another 280 months, don't we? One-third of each day. (Don't eink about claiming weekends - they are actually more than eaten up by commuting to work, shopping, and waiting at Life's other red lights. Nice try, though).

So that leaves us with 280 months of personal time spread out over seventy years. That is based on eight hours sleeping, eight hours working and commuting, leaving eight hours of personal time.

Now, with a show of hands, please tell me how many of you actually do have eight hours of personal discretion time every day? Are we all laughing yet? Fixing things, personal body/hygiene items, television, waiting at gas stations/laundromats/supermarkets eat up at least two hours of your average day. Those two hours means taking off another 70 months off the 280, leaving 210 months to work with. Uh oh: did we mention meaningless conversations,drycleaning,arguing,some form of broadcast news,added to reading magazines and books or other toys, with one of life's minor luxuries -- EATING FOOD --- all of these things take up another two hours per day and beyond.

Subtracting another 70 months, we're now at 140 months. In reality, this number is fantastically generous. Few of you will actually be smart enough to live fully in those 140 months. We're looking, generously, at 4,300 days. Don't you dare lie to yourself: If you have as many as 4,300 days to work with, surely we'd like to subtract the ten years we'd like to enjoy the dream, right? Well, I hate to break it to you, Math fans, but here it is: if you get to live for seventy adult years (90 total), and you live as you have been, and you get all your dreams come true and you get to live them out for ten full years, you're left with just 20 months' worth of hours to get there.

Like it or not, if you're not at the top of your personal food chain right now, you can be certain that you only have about 20 months' worth of hours to get there, at best. Spread out over even a ridiculously long forty years, that's one month of hours every other year: 720 hours. Comes out to 80 years, Probably not too adventurous after age 70, although five in every 100 do still go for the gold, like Hilga Crooks climbing Mt Everest for the first of 8 times at the age of 90, or the washed-up old retired entertainer who took over a year just getting someone to represent him, and ended up earning 12 million dollars between 71 and 80.

No, for most people, age 70 is about the top of the "exciting" years. Take off 20 that it takes to adulthood. Leaves 50 years.

Let's say you actually make it to age 75 with many lifetime dreams come true. Sound good? Let's look at how you got there.

At 75, you've slept 25 years, and worked 25 years, so you've got 25 years left. Whoops. We certainly want to enjoy this "all dreams coming true" thing for ten years, right? Ok, that leaves fifteen years to get it.

Uh oh. Drying cleaning and laundry, commuting, shopping, fixing broken things, haircuts, gas stations, auto responsibilities, telephone calls, and all manner of personal unmentionables, add up to more than two hours per day. Closer to three, we'll call it two so you don't get too scared.

We have to separate television and eating food, because we all use different amounts of time for them. Can we agree that food, tv, radio, books, magazines, newspapers, and conversations with other people add up to an additional one hour per day? If so, these four hours per day of our eight personal hours leaves just

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