If chance is a law we have not described yet,
look first to who repeatedly proves the inverse.
Every human field of endeavor has a top percentile.
In each group, there are ALWAYS common factors used.
Those who lead the way are considered pioneers for cause.
Imitating the actions of champions yields imitation of results.
If your eyes are not softened by the burdens of your sorrows,
lift your vision higher to the treats you'll find tomorrow
Answer to the voice you hear.
Don't reduce it to a sound not near,
nor your decisions predicated on fear,
since it is life itself that proves to feed it,
with bright heights of what's much better,
Mother Time thought you'd agreed to let her.

Look far beyond the present if your today is all so poor,
never let your rear get slapped by the slamming of that door.
An accounting is a-borning, with action in YOUR every morning,
for accumulations are far past storing, elevating into "evil whoring."
Will future burnish focus on you, in the days and years unseen?
They will know by what you've done, and where you've been.
Chance is just a question for which you have no answers,
but the seamless way it replicates induces sweet laughter.
Chance is only a cause that you've not quite yet identified,
and when you use it on purpose, you control the winning side.
Stand and fight your battles, every one is well worth their cost,
and the forces you despise the most, will control the side that lost.
Excellence has never been repeated by accident.
The Shortcuts Way of Living is living intentionally.
Knowing where you are going prevents ending up somewhere else.
Just 3 to 7 in one hundred end up where they expected, over a lifetime.
Fill up your lungs, pump them full of your own Longevity Zen of Health.
and your internalized Shortcuts Way of Living, learning, living, giving more.

Map, recipe, blueprint, party invitations, funny how these work out, being written.
Marriage, family togetherness, businesses that fold, funny how few are planned at all.
Zig Ziglar said, "Funny how most weddings are successful, while so many marriages fail."
Sure enough, the wedding is important enough to plan, while the marriage proves not quite so.

Shortcuts Way of Living Shapetalk Explanation
As with all wisdom, Shortcuts Way of Living Shapetalk is multiplex
What you love to do most is what you are wisest to pursue as a career

Shapetalk once and shapetalk twice, make sure that YOUR shapetalk works out nice.
The purpose of Shapetalk is multiplex, the Shortcuts Way of Living expresses no regret,
that Shapetalk seduces, and SEO's, and Shapetalk teaches, like old British "Cheerio's"
That was back when people were nice, teaching us all how to be thought of as right.
So, right there, you have it, Shapetalk triple, multiple purposes to create your ripple.
Do as you've done, get what you've gotten, for as long as your best truth is forgotten.
Or, if you wish, to rise and shine, heed Shapetalk wisdom, based on masters' advice.
The Shortcuts Way of Living and Longevity Zen of Health are pleased with Shapetalk,
explaining why the Shortcuts Way of Living and Longevity Zen of Health bring so much Shapetalk.
Today's date is only happening once in your life, the month and day, what, ten, thirty, fifty more left?
Anything you do not have at least one hundred left of is something you need to husband very carefully.
Since it is unlikely that you still have one hundred June 15th's left, your time-thought is entirely perverse.
You celebrate New Year's, you fool? Birthdays, Booby? When one day becomes more important, we become stupid.
When you understand that today has 1,440 separate minutes, separate opportunities, you become decidedly smarter.
Want to learn magic, genuine magic that revolutionizes for the better dozens of facets of your current life and results?
On paper, track how you use your 1,440 minutes for just 3 or 4 days. By the time you count 5,000 minutes, you can know.
You will know one of the top ten secrets of masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires, by extending it across your life.
The Shortcuts Way of Living warrants that the petty chatter alone will give you back hundreds of thousands of your best minutes.
Ergo, within and beyond this particular piece of Shortcuts Way of Living shapetalk, you have master secrets of the universe to use.
What you think means so little until you repeatedly show that you are the best. Build YOUR Shapetalk, musically, financially, whatever.
This Shortcuts Way of Living Shapetalk promises you that your biggest regrets later in life will not be what you did, only what you did not.