The Shortcuts Way of Living For Life Welcomes You Into Your Best Winning Streak

How obnoxious for anyone to perceive this as advice. It's not. It's the personal sworn statement of MisterShortcut.


Every day I will work to use at least one thousand minutes with every minute better than the previous.
It is perfectly unacceptable to consider comparing my use of time to that of the people around me.
Only three in every hundred prove to be the best - those who are in the top three percent.
To save time, I will settle for the top ten percent. These are the best teachers on earth.
Whether or not I understand why, I continue to duplicate their words and actions,
which still results in more shattered records than it may be worth counting.
The point is nicely proven: there are magnificently effective shortcuts;
the shortcuts of masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires.
Stop reading words with less than three or four letters in them.
Your eyes cannot miss them, not with 107,000,000 lenses.
Your comprehension doubles; along with your speed.
Instantly double your learning in half the time.
Can you not use this to instant advantage?
Please remember, if you knew better,
you'd prove it by doing it better.
Use your great shortcuts.
Universal shortcuts.

Without a shred of doubt, you're in for the most magnificent ride of your life.

It does not depend upon the Shortcuts Way of Living, because the Shortcuts Way of Living does not succeed for you.
The Shortcuts Way of Living is a sharing of the most powerful, effective shortcuts of masters and champions.
The PowerGems you'll find all throughout the Shortcuts Way of Living do not take weeks to learn.
PowerGems don't even take days to learn. Most PowerGems can be learned in a minute or less.
Ask more people more times each. That will double your results almost immediately.
Ask more people more times each for ten consecutive days and see what's what.
The more times you ask, the more times you receive. You think you know this?
You obviously don't. It's the single and only reason you don't have more.
How can you possibly argue with someone who reads more each week...
than you read in a good year ... and still doing it week after week?
You'll argue with someone who's had more careers in one life...
than everyone you know added up together? Please, be serious.
Stop thinking about time as you have been; you're dead wrong.
Forget about weeks and months and years and all that.
Think only about 50,000 separate opportunities.
That's how many you are going to receive.
Fifty thousand separate opportunities.
How many of them will you fully use?

Imagine doing those fifty thousand,
each one better than the previous.
Can you imagine where you'll be?
Here it comes, sports fan, the news you need:
you are almost definitely going to get those fifty thousand opportunities.
It depends, of course, on whether you wake up tomorrow morning or thereabouts.
If so, you've got it, the entire shebang and megillah, you under-appreciated middler;
fifty thousand separate opportunities - occurring just in your next twenty-four hours alone!!!
You foolishly call them seconds as you watch them disappear in waves of sustained mediocrity.
Now, you get to change that. Each and every single one of your eighty-six thousand daily seconds,
even if minus those you sleep and clean and eat, is a separate opportunity to sustain or improve things.
Each day of your life, from this day forward, you will remember that you have fifty thousand new opportunities.

What you know just means so little in the face of what you do with what you know. Wouldn't you agree?

Let the Shortcuts Way of Living help you to help yourself.
Designed and created with enormous affection for your untapped potential.
Filled with Shapelinks and EyeCandy to seduce your interest by The Godfather of EyeCandy, for You

These are the best shorcuts and shortcuts of masters and millionaires,
the best shortcuts of those who do it the best,
and without a doubt YOUR best shortcuts to succeeding.
Enjoy. The Shortcuts Way of Living and the Longevity Zen of Health ,
along with more than a thousand additional Masters and Millionaires websites,
all by the hands of your Godfather of EyeCandy, the prolific MisterShortcut,
are all here for your life because you are a giant in the making.
Shape the Shortcuts Way of Living to fit your own life.

Stop underestimating what you're capable of. You have 1,440 minutes per day to show it.

Easy Way To Become A Hero Of The Longevity Zen of Health!

PowerGems work for your wealthy neighbor, you can be sure that PowerGems will work for you.
The best facet of PowerGems is that they work almost instantly, sometimes even faster.
PowerGems are about using the power inside of you, with Mankind's gems of wisdom
Reach for the PowerGems inside of you. Ask one hundred people in ten days,
and some will surely say yes, no matter what it is you're asking them for.
PowerGems are about using great shortcuts 100 or more times.
The Shortcuts Way of Living was built with PowerGems.

The Longevity Zen of Health and the Shortcuts Way of Living,
designed to be your wealthiest and healthiest websites,
so luxuriously filled with our healthiest shortcuts to Longevity and wealth,
exist to empower you to empower yourself more effectively, with the Godfather of Shortcuts

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PowerGems for those determined to succeed
PowerGems for winning consistently.

PowerGems, PowerGems, everywhere we look,
PowerGems are magic when you use them by the book.
PowerGems are here and there, PowerGems are everywhere,
there is no need for such distress,
PowerGems yield reinforced success.

PowerGems don't work just once a while,
you'll find that PowerGems, accelerate time.
Because these PowerGems prove so true,
these PowerGems are certain to produce for you.

So gather up your PowerGems, gather up your fears,
PowerGems will carry you, right through to happy tears.

Welcome to the PowerGems Capital of the Universe,
where PowerGems to the left and PowerGems to the right
lead you to your brightest light... the light at the end of YOUR tunnel.