Master Secrets of the Universe

PowerGems are what we find,
when we seek the knowledge
that helps us climb;
all that you do, yet again, today,
will lead you to PowerGems to show you the way.
PowerGems are what we assign,
to the knowledge that works
almost every time.
all that you see, worth a part of thee,
will glean for you PowerGems, which assure that climb.

PowerGems might be my name, for PowerGems is the name of my game,
living to live the PowerGems way, I will use one more PowerGem in this day.
PowerGems are the universal secrets and shortcuts that work nearly every time.
Even if you experience that exquisitely rare exception, you get free re-tries.
Just use your chosen PowerGem or PowerGems another set of times,
and you are assured of experiencing the PowerGem Climb.
Until you prove more than masters and millionaires,
until you outperform champions and billionaires,
hush up and imitate those who repeatedly do.
Embrace PowerGems, they embrace you.
Thus is your Shortcuts Way of Living,
master secrets of the universe.

Ask more people more times.

Master Secrets Of The Universe.