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The Shortcuts Way of Living, rich with wealth shortcuts and more,
and the Shortcuts Way of Living, focusing on living stronger for longer,
are dedicated to the development of your potential and excellence... to Longevity
exist because about eight of every ten medical doctors have taken greed to unacceptable levels.
The time is rapidly approaching, thankfully, when more and more people will smell the roses.
From music and other forms of electronic manipulation, humanity will be quite surprised.
Electronics, computers, and those who care more for healing than for making money,
and not the drug companies or generalized medical research organizations,
these will be our best sources for correcting imbalances in our bodies.
Patent medicine has always has a dirty connotation; justifiably so.
Now that we have more than 1,000,000 dying every year,
JUST from Rx drugs and doctor and hospital errors,
the medical wake-up call will stir more of us up,
igniting the approach that has killed too many.
The natural approaches of healthy people?
That's less costly in a dozen directions.
Learn more so that you can live more.
Go back to more basic food groups,
those that come from the ground.
The payoffs are fast, and many.
See for yourself. Eat better.
Drink water and breathe.
Breathe DEEPLY,
and more.

These hundreds of thousands of pages are your gift and present, from your fan ..

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MisterShortcut is also known as Mister Shortcut, Mr_Shortcut, Mr. Shortcut, and even Mister-Shortcut and MrShortcut and Mr-Shortcut

This is done to ensure a wider coverage on the various search engines. To date, this policy has resulted in what we might term "hyperdominance" on the search engines for so many, many hundreds of different keywords and keyphrases.
All done to bring to you the best and most effective shortcuts to success, the precise shortcuts used by masters and millionaires,
the same shortcuts used by our champions and billionaires.   After all, if we're not getting it from the horse's mouth,
at which end of the horse will we be found?

Better to learn,    then do.

Wasn’t that fun?  
Because there are so many hundreds of separate and unique versions of The Shortcuts Way of Living,
on so many different servers all around the world, surely hundreds of them will die off in time.

Not to worry.     Between hosted sites and just about one thousand subdomains, there should be enough to go around.

As the months and years go by, there are those of you who will be kind enough to ensure that some of these sites stay alive.
These million pages and beyond, and over half a million mirror and near-duplicate pages,
are my gift to you. I've used these shortcuts to enjoy life with such excitement and pleasure.
All because of our best role models, our masters and champions, those who repeatedly lead.

It was a blast building it all for you

Keep in mind that what you know means little to any of us.
What you DO with what you know fascinates us. 

Do more with what you know.
Success increases immediately... and as repeatedly as you wish.