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The entire "Masters and Champions" network and empire of more than a thousand websites were built by Mister-Shortcut,
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That is what these healthy wealthy websites are all about, and, beyond all seeming possibility,
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With love from the Godfather of Shortcuts .
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Just another cute trick -- yep, a shortcut -- from your Shortcuts Way of Living,
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Further Schools of Thought From MisterShortcut via the Psychology of Shortcuts

Absolute Way of Masters, the wealth side of the Alternative Remedies And Medicine. Next, you might seek to develop your own Alternative Remedies Way, or Longevity Zen of Health , which are the health facets of your own Anthology of A Shortcut. Research tends to produce the Longevity Zen of Health , which are surely the Methods Of Naturalists. A different way without escaping the master secrets of health you can tap the Tao of Health Supplements. Further west you can choose the Best Book for Longevity, in conjunction with the Best Ways of MrShortcut. It is your natural, Better Health Approach, akin to the Book Of Living Stronger, complementing the Book of Success Secrets. Both the Psychology of Shortcuts and the Psychology of Longevity are at the self-empowering center of it all, Benefits of Natural Medicine, Boulevard of Excellence, Conspectus of Shortcuts, David Cohen Approach, Encyclopedia of Shortcuts, Book of Good Shortcuts, Encyclopedia on How To Succeed, Great Health Encyclical, which incorporates Shortcuts Way of Living , the Hallmark of Health, and so many more. See if you can find or create the Health HandBook of Life, and the Encyclopedia of Winning Shortcuts. Get on your Longevity Zen of Health , which is our natural Longevity Zen of Health . They may take you to the Highway of All Shortcuts, which promotes and uses Shortcuts Way of Living . Teach yourself how to succeed faster with the Zen of Sweet Success, which does enjoy a universal application, alongside the health factors of the Longevity Zen of Health .

If you like, eke out your own Secrets of Success, also based on the Shortcuts Way of Living. Search and find your Tao of Winning Living, which also apply to every known human effort, with your wonderfully potent master secrets of the universe. That is unique, and different from the Institute of A Shortcut, and the Land of Shapelinks and Shortcuts, even thought they are each based on the same master secrets of the universe that produce so prolifically. You might also choose to engage the Longevity Path of Health, Encylopedia of Success, the Method of Natural Living, which is likenable to the Longevity Zen of Health

The Godfather of Shortcuts invites you to use more of your shortcuts instantly,
because you get faster and better results in anything and everything you choose.
Think of EyeCandy as diversionary wrapping that you play past, to find the PowerGems.

EyeCandy is fun, such as Shapelinks, WaveRings, RingWaves, RaveWings and plenty more.
They are meant to be fun up to the point of learning. Most of such lines have just one thought.
The idea is for you to frolic through plenty of EyeCandy, play with the shapelinks, et alia,
to find PowerGems. Use of any one PowerGem or two or more PowerGems together
thoroughly assures you of producing much better and faster results.

Enough of the chatter.
In this day you must ask more people, expanding your written list,
because the more you write, the more you tend to make.
PLEASE stop forming opinions before you earn them.
Until you have done it a hundred or more times,
grasp the reality that your opinion means so little.
Even after one or two or three experiences, that's not mastery.
The only opinion that any of us need to hear is the opinion of mastery.
The opinion of mastery is the only one that can help us make better decisions.

The time that you save by not forming opinions until you have at least a dozen experiences,
each bit of the effort and energy you are no longer pointing in a direction that is profitless,
add to each other for a total increase in your intelligence that will please you enormously
Shh. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone has a rear end, and most of them stink.
You do not need to like the ugliness, although you can help yourself by accepting it.
You see, in both cases, it is the result of foolish decisions. Go ahead, take a look.

If you NEED toilet paper, beyond a nod at extra hygiene,
your diet is approximately one hundred percent killing you.
Do not confuse this with occasional toxins; this is purely lethal.
Imitation food cannot provide you with more than imitation nutition.
Your belief that "it's just one doughnut" illuminates your dearth of education.
We count more than five hundred functions performed by your liver when it is healthy.
That one spoonful of sugar, bleached, treated with pesticide (dioxin), and all those functions stop.

Even More Schools of Thought From MisterShortcut Psychology of Shortcuts

Natural Healing Methods, Natural Route of Health, Path Of Smart Shortcuts, Path To Great Success, Path To Natural Health, Path To True Success, to name a few, and then continuing through the Pathway To Success, Place For All PowerGems, Shortcuts Way of Living, Shortcuts Way of Living, Shortcuts Way of Livingful Shortcuts and the delightfully self-empowering Psychology of A Good Life.

That's not all! As the Godfather of Shortcuts, MisterShortcut felt it was important to cover many approaches, so there is also a Psychology of A Shortcut, Psychology of Achievement,Zen of Mr-Shortcut, Psychology of Achieving More, Road To True Success, Psychology of Champions, Psychology of Greatest Shortcuts, Longevity Zen of Health , which is different and unique as compared to MisterShortcut's iteration of the Psychology of Healing. You are highly commended to embrace your own Tao of Shortcuts, and Psychology of Healing Shortcuts, or perhaps the Psychology of Healthiest Living which is surely related to the Psychology of Mr. Shortcut, both of which are designed to help you to empower yourself. The Psychology of Natural Vitamins and Supplements, speaking for itself by title, eponymously, is closed related to the Psychology of Naturality, while still being completely different from the initial Longevity Zen of Health site you find here. Next, you can travel through your own Tao of Great Shortcuts, Psychology of Real Shortcuts, the Psychology of Successful Shortcuts, Road To Better Health, which so often empowers us even more to seek out and find ourselves on the Road To Total Success, or at least our own self-empowering version or interpretation of what is also reasonably referred to as the Road To Winning. Another way to get to your own Road to winning is to find yourself peeking your way through the Route of Living Naturally, and your own Route to Great Success. As well, MisterShortcut, in that self-empowering way we use the Shortcuts Way of Living, also created for YOUR the Pathway of Our Healing, anyone's perception of the Shortcut Way of Mastery or its cousinlike site, the Shortcuts Middle School, terrific for younger folks and novices... somhow similar and still discrete from the Shortcutty Encyclopedia. Use The Shortcuts Way of Living and Longevity Zen of Health as your own launch point to find your Source of Better Health, using the Success Shortcuts Route.

Yes, indeedy, there are many more schools of thought, universities of thinking and action, if your will, all promulgated by Mr_Shortcut, who can also be identified as Mister_Shortcut and, of course, the original MisterShortcut.

Doctor Shortcut Is Also Within The Shortcuts Way of Living

Yes, sirree, yes, ma'am, Doctor Shortcut is also within your Shortcuts Way of Living and so many of the associated sites within the Shortcuts Way of Living network, which is the founding partition of the Masters and Millionaires network. Look for the Doctor Shortcut commentaries, at www.DoctorShortcut.com and www.Doctor-Shortcut.com. Let MisterShortcut be YOUR doctor of shortcuts.

Each of these self-empowering schools of thought contain the master secrets of the universe. You might begin by embracing the Tao of Achievement, Psychology of Amazing Health, Psychology of Amazing Health and Longevity, Psychology of Amazing Shortcuts, Psychology of Best Shortcuts, Psychology of Better Living, The Methods of Dr. D Cohen, the Pathway Of True Health, TopDoctor Health Book, True Utility of Natural Remedies and Medicines, Way Of Bright Shortcuts, Way Of Smart Shortcuts, Way of Great Shortcuts, which does not in any way denigrate the power you both find and develop within the Ways of Greatest Health, matched up with the Zen of Achievement. Some, with Eastern influences or inclinations, may prefer to dig into the Zen of Better Shortcuts or Zen of Good Health. For more "zens," you can reach into the Zen of Mister Shortcut, which is unique by up to a million or more factors from the Shortcuts Way of Living , located across town from the unique Zen of Mr-Shortcut, Ze n of One Shortcut, Zen of Sweeter Health, which can not unreasonably be associated with the Zen of Winning Secrets, psychology of better shortcuts, Masters of True Success, and a myriad of others, all to help you to help yourself, so you'll be in a better position to help others. It begins with self-empowerment. You must be strong in order to succeed, so build your mental and physical strengths. Welcome to the Shortcuts Way of Living, empowering you to empower yourself. Make sure that my half of the new profits are invested into helping the helpless.