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why would you continue toxicying your body?
Prescription drugs kill and injure people,
FAR more than they benefit people.
Smell the roses. Learn more.
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That's all you need, hm?
Start somewhere.
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from you guys.

Thank you with all my heart.

As we all observe diabetes, cancer, and heart disease going through the roof,
not merely increasing through the years, rather, multiplying through the years,
doesn't it cause you to even consider that the food chain is not right?
When you leave life-and-death decisions to others pursuing money,
exactly what do you think your chances are of a fair shake?
How long will you be the silly subject of advertising?
How long will you pay to have someone ELSE'S name,
someone ELSE'S alias or identify on your clothes?
Do you even have a clue how foolish this looks?
It's no different from letting an M.D. decide,
based on how much he or she expects to earn,
what invasive/expensive procedures YOU should have your body exposed to.

There's something imbalanced about that, so you're urged to look again.
Find out how others have dealt with the same challenge naturally.
Whatever you suffer from, or eink you may suffer from,
thousands on up to millions have handled it naturally.
That means you are not a lone rider on a sole ride.
Others have been there before, and resolved it.
You can, you shall, and you will, too,
when you learn to help yourself.
Learn more so as to live more.
Naturally, friend.
All naturally.