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Many of these sites are hosted with smaller companies, many expected to go out of business.
 As of today, there are more than a thousand Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts websites,
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with treats and visual surprises: EyeCandy,
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This is the Shortcuts Way of Living, where your best potential gets developed.
While PowerGems are hidden right in plain sight throughout the Shortcuts Way of Living,
they are intentionally buried amidst the PowerLinks and other EyeCandy for very specific reasons.
We tend to value that which we pay for, or work for. Since your money is no good here, work for it.
Enjoy the EyeCandy, with a view to knowing that each EyeCandy or PowerLink connection leads somewhere.
At the Shortcuts Way of Living, you'll find that the "somewhere" is another PowerGem of undeniable utility.

Ultimately, the more you embrace the Shortcuts Way of Living, the more it will embrace you.
The more you engage the Shortcuts Way of Living, the more it will engage with you.

Talk about love!
Each of the millions of careful selections
on each of a one million pages
all by MisterShortcut
all for you
with love

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Are we having fun yet?     It's been delightful creating it for you Remember, what you know means little to any of us.
What you DO with what you know fascinates us. 

Do more with what you know.
Rapid improvement is the inevitable result.
Even better, it improvement occurs as often as you wish.
You already know the math: try it ten times, and succeed once or twice..
Try it one hundred times, and your skill level multiplies repeatedly.

Psst. Tap any letter or number on your keyboard. Is that great, or what?

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PowerLinks seem to always work,
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Powerlinks work for you, PowerLinks work for me,
There can be no doubt that PowerLinks work,
in creating your history.

Take your PowerLinks, any one or two,
to induce the world to fully pay you.
Use your PowerLinks to build your wealth,
and let these PowerLinks guide you,
to the best possible health.

The Shortcuts Way of Living is fairly described as the "PowerLinks" Capital of the Internet.