Q.R.A. in Dittiness.

QRA physician, tell us, what is your position?
Is the QRA physician, more likely to be in?

Why wait weeks or even days for invasive tests?
QRA is a one-second bidigital test for physicians.
True, Dr. Omura invented BDORT for medical physicians,
yet, you will see that the bidigital test, applies to QRA,
can be used by physicians and non-physicians, and children, too!
QRA is among the easiest tests you will ever learn how to make use of,
PLUS, you are likely to realize that QRA is among the most important tests.
You get to test your food, your beverages, clothing, bed linens, and even people.
You do NOT need to be a trained physician to perform the bidigital test with a friend.
You do not need to be a trained QRA practitioner to use the bidigital test results, either.
If you allow it to, QRA can materially add to both the quality, and the quantity, of your years.
True, a QRA expert who is expertly trained can tell you so much more than the bidigital test alone.
So, you can choose one or the other, or a combination of both: self-QRA, physician QRA, or expert QRA.
Either way, the QRA Zen Of All Medicine warrants that nothing in the world of medicine is as good as QRA.

Since the QRA Zen Of All Medicine is a part of the Psychology of Longevity, then the Longevity Zen of Health concurs.