QRA for you, QRA for me,
we all need QRA to fix it naturally.
QRA is really great, QRA sets the stage,
to fix what's wrong for not much more than a song
natural is the way with QRA.

QRA is healthy, QRA is simple,
QRA is meant to fix electrical dimples.
When we sustain any injury or trauma,
whether small or of great melodrama,
we can thank QRA for help fixing,
without any QRA quasi-tricking,
as QRA works most every time.

Sure, in the hands of a fool, QRA,
is not that great of a tool,
sad to say,
but know that QRA from this day,
should be one of YOUR tools, this QRA.

The tale of the QRA tape, you know,
is what QRA can easily tell and show.
Any weak organ or gland you may measure,
is quantified with QRA's brain-sweet treasure.
You cannot fool the human brain, and the brain cannot lie.
QRA is B-DORT and more, grown and exponentiated, by a man to adore.
Bob Marshall wrote out how to do QRA, and teaches QRA, even now, 'til this day.
You see, when you teach, such as QRA in this way, in writing and class and such,
you assure QRA will live on and still on, for MD's means so little, QRA so much.
As the QRA tape and tale, all measured in lives that were saved in QRA's trail,
have QRA to thank for sweet health, in recognizing interference fields in their stealth.
Hidden or not, for decades at a time, QRA keeps I.F.'s from growing strong on YOUR dime.
QRA carries answers at best, QRA will surely serve you with each QRA test. Learn to do QRA.
While everyone needs to start with a trained QRA practitioner who has grown with experience,
using QRA literally thousands and thousands of times until "QRA Practitioner" gets to mean more,
fact is, QRA can be taught to at least eighty or ninety percent of any given population of human beings.
Thus, the Longevity Zen of Health encourages you to learn QRA, practice QRA, and teach QRA to others.
It is the single most magnificent diagnostic tools in the history of mankind, free for your life, and simple.
Eighty to ninety percent of any given population of people can learn how to do QRA, how to teach QRA.