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QRA is what we are, QRA from here to Qattar,
QRA all around the world, giving us a qra-balanced whirl.
Learn QRA, because QRA is portable, something you can use ANYWHERE.
When you are skilled in how to instantly test your food, how useful is that to you?
When you know how to test your beverages and bedclothes and refrigerator and more,
you take back at least one portion of control over what horrific things you are exposed to.
Never underestimate the potency of QRA, because you get to see your own proof, every single time.
QRA is fast, QRA is accurate, QRA is instantly provable, QRA is delightfully portable, and QRA is more.
In a nutshell, QRA tells you whether what you are testing will weaken your body, or strengthen your body.
QRA also proves to assist in rapidly identifying what is holding you back, even distant childhood memories.
Your mind and body remember far, FAR more than your consicious mind has been led to believe til now.
The skillset learned in QRA training, whether you get professional QRA training in Texas, from PRL,
or whether you learn QRA from the many Longevity Zen of Health QRA websites and web pages,
is a huge skillset you get to use freely for the rest of your life, that you can share with others.
Because your doctor proves, with his or her income, to care more for money than your health,
it becomes more and more critical to your good health for you to learn QRA for yourself and your loved ones.
There is no diagnostic test known to humankind than Quantum Reflex Analysis, referred to for ease as simply "QRA."
NOT learning QRA may be comparable to feeding your child "just that one soda," (which has up to 12 spoons of sugar in it).
Through the day-to-day repetition of doing what is convenient, rather than what may be healthiest, we cheat our loved ones.
Never believe any human on any subject who has no expanded knowledge and experience. From QRA to quick-wittedness,
the more that we learn, the better our decisions tend to be. QRA allows you to move past most every diagnosis available.
To this day, no diagnostic method or system has proven to be as fast as QRA, or as reliably accurate or proven as QRA.