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Holy People
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Who could fail to fall in love with human and humane lore, such as "Genuinely holy people do not degenerate; open their coffins in a century and they look like yesterday. It's well-documented."

Each of us, whatever the religion, has to be attracted to the hope, and the promise of protection. That's what we find at the base of most beliefs, a provision of protection that we can count on in order to focus on lesser and everyday concerns. This belief in the promise of protection, physical, spiritual, and others is not only natural; it's a direct function and result of training. Whatever religion you were born into is the one you most likely believe to be the one that's got it all right.

Never mind all the different interpretations. In the case of just a bare and sparse couple in every hundred, a new adult will change religions, and een do not change their innermost religious foundations. For the far larger majority, let's look at it backwards. If you were offered a new Rolls Royce just for identifying which version of God and God's rules is the closest to being correct in the absolute, we know that you personally will identify the religion that your parents brought you into with a specific label. True? Of course it's true. The difference between willingess to process and make use of the information and an unwillingness is the difference between people who get it and people who do not get it.

Even in these current circumstances, the first words that come to mind when people ask, "How are you?" is feel and express so much satisfaction, liberally mixed with appreciation for so many great things going on simultaneously and separately." Your disblief is not that one can be happy under such literally unusual circumstances of challenge; it is disbelief that you can be so pleased.

MisterShortcut can easily buy into an acceptable (based on its ongonig prevalence) attitude of bitterness and negativity by seeing all the bitter facts and negatives in first light, front light. That's a choice and a decision.

There is also the choice of considering how many cups of food are getting clicked through for, via thehungersite, even now, in putative purgatory. There is usually ten or fifteen minutes per day invested in music, poetry, art, and more. How can you or any of us not be gratefully thrilled with at least several occasions per week of fantastically high-quality time with people of magnificence? If you do not count magnificent people in the circle of time that you're using up, you're demonstrating stupidity, so change that in a single day. Seek and search a bit more -- the world has plenty of people who are magnificent. I know so many I ache to share them with you. Great and wonderful humans tend to respond well to friendly requests for mentorship, etc. If and when you make a bollocks, ask again and ask better.

Yes, there is more to consider than outcast-par-extremis: not only great food, even more importantly is the ability to access all manner of treats, and the regained ability to eat it without minute body challenges such as misaligned jaw where a tiny mistake by a dentist can massively affect every bit you eat. Being able to enjoy it the hundreds or thousands of treats most of us have at least some access to? That's a gift of happiness on a never-ending basis, because any day you intentionally skip eating is a rara avis.

Even a moment's consideration of so many thousands and thousands and thousands of American and Iraqis, soliders and civilians, so many thousands who lost limbs or the use thereof, is enough to send spurts of adrenaline-based gratitude through any reasonable person's bloodstream. When you've had a dozen major injuries or wounds in a life, told over and over again that you'll never this or you'll never that, including walking, and you have the amazing grace to come past all of these horrible events, there is a delight in being whole that is easier to understand if you've ever had a cold or flue or headache or stomach pain... and consider how you felt when the pain went away, as in "Wheww! Such a such a such relief!" Feeling that rush of relief every day is not required; it's an accidental benefit of surviving a thousand brutal beings from a mother who's head was simply not right.

Those who lose limbs or teeth or eyes have to learn all over again, and they do when they have hope, when they believe that they do have some external protection of what we come to think of as "Ultimate Protection." When that belief is ignited, the home fire burning creates a great deal of delivered energy to active participation in the resolution of obstacles. Can you imagine a human with two artificial legs running in a race... and beating most or all of the other runners who have their originally-issued parts still originally attached? It's already happened, not by physical superiority, which can never come close to internal strength, the most superior power that a human can build with.

Precious few are exempt from this, in the long run of our lives, at any rate or level.

Those without hope remove themselves from life metaphorically or physically. Because hope is as physically necessary as sunshine to sustaining life beyond mere vital signs, because their vitality are only of value when used above minimal levels. Maintaining life for the purpose of a heartbeat is selfish enough to be considered vicious; there is an absence of the patient's coign of vantage.

Even after six years immersed in the centers of what the western half of the world considers to be

Here in the earlier stages of the twenty-first century of recorded Western thought, the vast majority of the planet knows not a single fact regarding Jewish or Christian religions; you can find two billion humans who have never even heard the words "Jewish" or "Christian" in all of their lives.

Because monetary and information control has long been in the hands of Judeo-Christians, they geniunely believe that their monotheistic religions are the correct ones, the religions that are strictly based on truth, and that there is no validity to what their numerical superiors believe.

The first ten groups of influential people in any given decade who avidly pursue recognition and bridging of these polar opposite positions are the groups who will initiate a lasting peace.

Holiness? You? Being counted among those we refer to as "holy people?"
You're as holy as you want to be, by concerning yourself as much with helping others as you do helping yourself. Most of us probably agree that the Architect of the Universe, by whatever name we choose to use, helps those who help themselves. Part of the purpose in helping oneself is so that your elevated position will stand on a foundation of where you were before, that you may remember to reach your hand back, and down, if necessary, to help pull others up to where they can then help themselves and... you guessed it... help others behind them as well.

That's the circle of life we so often refer to, or read about in literature.
That circle begins and completes... over and over again...   with you.

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