I remember.
We remember.
Each of us does.
I am young enough,
and hope you are, too.
We did not lock our doors.
Keys left in the car overnight.
When we explored in the woods,
no one worried, with no need for it.
Nearly all of us hugged more people.
Do you remember when you felt safe?
Find your way to your own with wealth.
Repeatedly double cash removing ads.
Ninety-nine percent of us break this rule.
Use it now and start doubling instantly!
Eighty cents of every dollar spent?
It pays for ads and executives,
NOT those who earned it.
You will be staggered.
Eighty cents of most all non-rent!
Doubling everything repeatedly.

Invest in yourself, not in rich people.
That dollar doughnut costs a penny.
They do not care if you live or die
. They do not remember real life,
for any but themselves, hm?
I remember sharing days.
So will you, from now.
Perfect 100% secrets.
PowerGems of the Shortcuts Way of Living.
because masters and millionaires know better.
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What you do is so far louder than what you say.
If you have the brains to get one percent better,
one thousand repetitions returns a thousandfold.
It is a shortcut to doubling your wealth ten times.
Anything you double ten times is a thousand times.
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A magical feature of mathematics that works in real life.
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If you read that bit of Shapetalk twenty times,
your intelligence level is guaranteed to be higher.
Whoops! There you go, forming an opinion without basis.
Despite a lack of experience in or studied knowledge of,
you are ready to leap to premature conclusions.
So sorry, that is a sign of mental defect, literally.
How magnificent that it is correctable in a single second.
When you read something containing multiple bits of wisdom,
you will always and without exception get more reading it again,
provided you follow a magical, guaranteed PowerGem of all wisdom.
First, last, suspend opinions, pretending to embrace an opposite wish.
This will increase your I.Q., and putative experts who naysay really know not.
When a doctor says, "Sorry, there's nothing to be done," they speak one truth.
They truthfully do not know what else to do. That does not mean there is nothing.
It only means they do not know what else to do. Others may know otherwise, right?

When a non-medical doctor succeeds ten and fifteen times for every once that a medical doctor succeeds, it becomes a matter of life and death. I remember Dr. Kantor and Dr. Boris, year after year, appearing in their office or our home, when doctors made house visits a regular part of their practice. Of course, that was when doctors were happy to make a decent living, before the unrelenting corruption of consumerism, greed, and what is fairly described as me-ism, struck the core of people who believe.