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ACT like someone who wants to hear the word "Yes!"
What you KNOW creates limited impact, and therefore limited results...


Ruby #5:
Power is as knowledge does.
What you KNOW about persuading people is of no interest to us.
What you DO with what you know is of fascination to us.

Before thinking about learning more, how about using more of what you know?
Stupid people nod their heads, agree with this, and continue doing things the same way.
Smart people nod their heads, identify what they know best… and use it more.

Try it… you'll undoubtedly be pleased by fast, powerful improvements.

ACT like someone who wants to hear the word

Attitude supersedes Aptitude in determining Altitude


Whether you're selling a product, or convincing a loved one to make a decision, or asking someone for help, you are engaging in sales tactics. Doesn't it make sense to use those words and methods used every single day of the year by our greatest closers and convincers, purveyors and marketing geniuses?


It all begins with a concept and method apparently too simple for you,
although it's clearly good enough for our role models in persuasion:
ACT like someone who wants to hear the word "Yes!"

You will not be even slightly surprised when you find more and more people providing you with that word in response to your asking for it. Prudential Insurance, in conjunction with one of America's most respected universities, conducted a seventy-year study of sales masters. One of the most vital points produced by this study was the finding that, in the course of hundreds of thousands of sales calls, approximately 48% of those sales calls ended without the sale, the actual "Yes" being asked for.

In many cases, the prospect merely blew the sales rep out the door with one reason or another. In others, the sales rep was intimidated into leaving or simply blown out by objections. When a product or service is presented, it is rare indeed for a prospective customer or client to say, "That's great; I'll take two." The responsibility for the actual deal is in the hands of the person presenting the deal.

Objections do NOT mean the prospect is uninterested (unless they specifically say so, of course); objections are merely obstacles that need to be resolved in order to complete the sale

By acting as if you want to hear the word "Yes" you speak and move with higher energy; you come up with more reasons for them to say "Yes," and you actually ASK for the "Yes" more times.

Until you hear your first objection,
After you hear your first objection,

Let's tie this enormously effective sales tool with another Sales Sales PowerGem:

Ruby # 4:
You did not stop because you failed;
you failed because you stopped.

If you try something 10 times, no matter what the probability of success is,
that probability will actually triple when you try it 20 times!!
Do not underestimate the power of this seemingly simplistic statement.
Every ten additional tries improves probabilities of success by orders of magnitude.

Whatever number of efforts you gave yesterday, WINNING REQUIRES that you
increase that number, and then increase it again. Whatever your average number of tries per week is, increase that number by just 5% per week for the next ten weeks, and you are guaranteed to see better results... almost immediately.
You will roughly double your current production every 100 days. You can actually become a ‘star’ in the next 10 business days with the use of this one simple, powerful method. It is used consistently by the top producers in your industry.
Yes, become a star in days if you want it enough, you WILL go that extra step...40x, even 100x.

Just relax... relax and use the warmth of your voice.
If you transmit warmth & caring in your greetings...people will warm up to YOU.

You need not take my word for it.... DO IT AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!!

Did you realize that people, including you, can actually hear a smile or a frown over the phone? Don't take my word for it: try it!!


Nothing, nothing, nothing sells like enthusiasm.

Treat this very call as if it's the most important one of the day. In truth, it is the most important one of the day, because only the current prospect can say yes. The last one is gone, the next one is yet to come.
Only this call can improve things for you AND your current prospect.



Through EVERY objection you answer, keep asking for whatever it is you've contacted them about.

Keep offering them "a look at why we are_______," and why we can help them save them dollars they're now spending, or through whatever your primary benefits are. <

"Would Thursday be good for you, Mrs ____, or is Friday better? Great.

And do you prefer 3 pm, or 8 pm? Excellent. Our rep will call you personally the day before to confirm, for YOUR convenience, okay? Great!!"

The single greatest power on earth, unconditionally guaranteed to work more than any other technique ever discovered or developed, is the awe-inspiring, life-changing, RESULT-IMPROVING technique of simply asking for what you want. Although there are nearly 200 American billionaires, I've only interviewed 14 so far. The single most common traits observable is the so-called "double bubble," which means being able to describe what they want in ten words or less, and then asking people for help in getting it. Self-made billionaires, without exception, are those people who ask for what they want more than anyone else around them.

So ask, ask, ask, ask, and then ask again and again… until they either throw you out…
… or until they say the word you most long to hear.


When you hear an objection, agree with it, resolve it,
and ask "IS Wednesday good FOR YOU, or is Thursday better?"
"Our consultants will be there Wed and Thursday. Which day is better for you?"

The stupidest thing I suppose I've ever heard a salesman say was, "No! No! You don't understand, you see _____________."

Get with the program. NEVER tell a customer they're wrong. Agree with them.
"Yes, sir, my company recognizes that, and that's why our company has done the competition one better by _________. If that answers your concern, shall I put you down for two of the brown, or did you like the blue ones better?"

Repeatedly ask closing questions, such as:

"Fair enough?"
"Does that satisfy your concern about the __________?"
"Great! How many would you like?" "What time of day is best for delivery?"

"Which day is better for YOU, Thursday, or Saturday?"

"No problem. We can also come Monday or Tuesday.

Is Monday good for you, or is Tuesday better?"


The more you ask, the more you receive. Period.


A.B.C. = Always Be Closing.

I'm not printing these for my health, you know.

80% of all "yesses" occur AFTER 4 or 5 resolved objections.

The more you TRY to close... the more you WILL close.

The more you ASK for the sale, the more you will GET the sale.

The more you ASK for the sale, the more you will GET the sale.

Do you personally have the brains to put this incredible power to use TODAY??!!

Please; don’t tell me. Show me. Better yet, show yourself.

The more you ASK for the sale, the more you will GET the sale.

It’s simple mathematics:

Dial More

Smile More

Close More

The people who consistently follow these 3 rules consistently make double the income of
those who haven’t got the brains to dial more, smile more, and ask for what they want… …more!

Whoever asks the most, receives the most. Period.

Whoever asks the most, receives the most.

Whoever asks the most, receives the most.


Be more creative in answering people's objections!!
End every objection with a request for the "Yes."
You will invariably end up with more.

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