Shortcuts Way of Living Satisfaction Shortcuts

Satisfaction shortcuts, bringing up the rear of effort,
the subject of perception, when the best is future-tensed,
since great satisfaction shortcuts only work without exception,
when the inspiration of satisfaction is well-matched with perspiration.
Your Shortcuts Way of Living satisfaction, breaks through all deception,
Longevity Zen of Health satisfaction, invites longevity quite preternatural.
The explanation for satisfaction is found in the very definition of satisfaction,
where latin satisfaction where satis and facere slide into action, once again, great shortcuts to satisfaction.
Face reality: If today is the first day of the last year of your life, what do you do?
Does satisfaction have a different level of value, counting out remaining days?
Like excellence, satisfaction does not and cannot happen for you accidentally

Like excellence, satisfaction can be a choice, made in advance, intentionally.
Approximately every page of the Shortcuts Way of Living has satisfaction,
specifically, satisfaction shortcuts most often hidden right in plain sight.
With shortcuts and YOUR sufficient action, you develop satisfaction.
When you create sufficient action, you pre-produce satisfaction,
and the use of greater shortcuts yields more with lesser action.

Determine and IDENTIFY your satisfaction in advance, with specificity.
The more precise your pretedermined location, the closer you get to it.
The Longevity Zen of Health assures you of greater satisfaction by intention.
The Shortcuts Way of Living warrants your greater satisfaction by intention.