Master secrets of the universe,
shortcuts to success in most everything,
delivered up by the Shortcuts Way of Living.
Use of these master secrets assures acceleration:
Secrets of the universe from those who know them best,
the secrets of the universe are those that can pass the test.
YOUR test is the one that counts, to prove these secrets work,
of course the work behind such secrets is what most opt to shirk.
Employ the master secrets of the universe that you can learn,
this is how the masters manage to avoid the ultimate burn,
where you get to live a life, but without all the tools,
that are wielded so importunately,
by those who prove to be such fools.
Master secrets of the master's universe,
presented here in poetic shapetalking verse.
Never underestimate the power of master secrets,
because the universe is built upon these master secrets.
The Shortcuts Way of Living shares many of the master secrets.
The idea is to level the playing field against abusers of master secrets.
Rather than using master secrets of life, to help and reduce universal strife,
these miniature-minded coprophiles, live life in belief that it's all about their style,
never learning that substance is the substance of choice, of those who live their lives
giving others a hoist!
Those secrets of the universe from those who choose to use them best,
these are the people who certainly pass the universe's ultimate test.
Embrace the master secrets of the universe as if you wrote them.
The Shortcuts Way of Living warrants these master secrets.