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As much fun as the EyeCandy is, the Shortcuts Way of Living is desiged for success acceleration.
Just about every piece of EyeCandy has a point to be made; sometimes a good number of points.
The wisdom of the masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires are hidden in plain sight.
That means they are also to be seen in plain light. YOUR challenge is in what you seek.
While we only sometimes get what we want in life, we often get just what we expect.
Your job is to raise your expectation, of yourself, THEN of those around you.
Enjoy these interactive EyeCandy bits of the Shortcuts Way of Living.

Open Success Secrets of The Shortcuts Way of Living

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At the very root of the Shortcuts Way of Living are basic facts, facts to use.
The more you use these facts, so simple to apply, the more you master.
One new fact is easy enough for you to change into your own words.
This is a secret of success, a master secret of the universe.
Change the new information into your words, immediately!
You bypass short-term memory, assimilating it forever.
Gaining just one or two, maybe three facts per day,
that's hundreds of new facts every year, or more.
Can you imagine gaining ten new facts per day?
That gives you THOUSANDS of facts per year.
Mastery is MUCH easier than you thought.
I've shattered many world records thus.
So can you, so will you, when you do this.
With so many success secrets available, stop delaying.
Day after day, you waste thousands of precious, unique seconds.
The Shortcuts Way of Living invites you to absorb one enormous fact.
Thousands of seconds you can never replace... and yet you can regain them..
Slicing just ten seconds from every petty conversation you engage in, and Bingo!
In your first ten days, you inevitably amaze yourself at how much time you save,
time you get to invest in more profitable pursuits than petty - often necessary - conversation.

The Shortcuts Way of Living Does Not Win For You
The Shortcuts Way of Living helps you to help yourself

The Shortcuts Way of Living is determined to bring you up to a higher level of you.
You do not need to change yourself in anyway, only a few of your critical actions.
For example, identifying who you are going to ask for help tomorrow is a secret,
a secret of our world-class masters and champions, who know to be mentored.
Everyone great person has at least one person they pattern themselves after.
Plus, successful people almost always respond to requests for mentoring.
In fact, a majority of successful people will respond if you ask nicely.

Combining this magical secret with the PowerGem of asking more times each,
the next week or two of your life can easily contain contact with superstars.
Whoever is the best in the world or even your region of the world is a start.
"When I grow up I want to contribute to the world as you do. Can I buy lunch?"
That's it. You do not need to be fancy. If you like, you can start with a compliment.
"Hi; since you are among the best in the world, I choose to model my life as you have."

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Only an unbalanced person could fail to respond. Hundreds and hundreds responded to my letters.
My phone calls were even more successful, close enough to one hundred percent of the time.
Asking more people more times each for help in becoming like them someday? It does work.

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Give yourself a bit of credit. Of course you can take in one new fact per day.
As hungry as you are, that will determine whether you puruse a second fact today, or wait a day.
Those in the top ten percent? Not more brains or looks or connections or charm; only hunger.
The hungriest person always wins the race and there's never an exception to the rule.
Did you know that if you interview all the runners before a race, you can tell?
Sure, most of the time, at any rate. The hungriest person just stands out.
The Shortcuts Way of Living solicits your hunger for true success.
Using these success shortcuts, YOU get to make that difference.
The fastest way to save the planet is one person at a time.
One person making a difference expands with rapidity.
One times two times two creates very real numbers.
Today, we're out to increase YOUR numbers.
Less talking, and more doing, okay?