The Shortcuts Way of Living has many delicious treats in store for you, from Mr-Shortcut, the Godfather of EyeCandy
Tap any letter, number or character (yes - even upper-case!) on your keyboard
to transmogrify this page into anotherMr-Shortcut website of EyeCandy and self-empowerment

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Shapelinks - A Delicious New Art Form of EyePleasure
created for you by Mister-Shortcut.

EyePleasure is not a misspelling of Eye Pleasure.
It's a new art form, from the Godfather of EyeCandy
with thousands of delightfully interactive hotlinks at the Shortcuts Way of Living.

Shapelinks are composed entirely of interactive hotlinks that bring pleasure to your eye.
EVERY PAGE THEY LINK TO was created and artified by the same hands.
The purpose, of course, was to create an entirely new art-form,
while empowering people to empower themselves.

Showing us what you can do is so much more impressive than telling us what you can do.
One of the points made in shattering so many records in so many different areas of life
is to prove that if a massive screwup can achieve world-class results using shortcuts,
then so can you!

You have only achieved the tiniest fraction of why you are alive here and now.
Whatever excuses or reasons yesterday possessed, today is a whole new game.
The difference with life is that the game has no time-outs; the clock never stops.

With millions of minutes of superlative focus building the Shortcuts Way of Living
here's proof right in front of your eyes of the power and fruit of using great shortcuts.

When is it your turn to enjoy a better life?   Any reason to wait?
Using any one or two of the PowerGems within the Shortcuts Way of Living, repeatedly,
is guaranteed to produce faster and better results for you.   Let's do it, hm?

The Shortcuts Way of Living is a part of the mother of all websites,
the Psychology of Shortcuts of Masters and Millionaires.
Free for your life, Mr Shortcuts hopes you find
at least some of the thousands of hidden treats
spread throughout hundreds of thousands
of unique web pages created for YOU
by the Godfather of Shortcuts,
the Godfather of EyeCandy,
Mr Shortcuts

EyePleasure.     All to prove that it's about you, and your accelerated success.
EyePleasure is just the beginning, to draw your interest to the Shortcuts Way of Living,
pursuing the best of your untapped potential, developing better, faster results.
Then and only then will you be in a position to profoundly help the world.

In return for helping you to become the giant you were born to be,
your contract is accepted for you to remember whence you came,
that you did not attain such inspiring achievements all alone,
and understand that the more you reach down to help people up,
the more you advance your own cause, your own set of pursuits.

Look down on someone only when you reach down to help them up.
The payoff is huge.     Go ahead, feed a hungrier person today,
and you'll have earned your first lessons at the Shortcuts Way of Living.
Shapelinks of Deliciousness, EyeCandy Capital of Delights,
the empowering Shortcuts Way of Living,
reminds you, rather than asking you to buy anything,
to remember that the shapelinks of putative deliciousness,
the Towerlinks and MasterLinks and all other forms of EyeCandy,
while pleasing to play with, are all here to point the way to PowerGems.
In every single walk of life there are people at the very top of the heap.
Our purpose here is to get you to use more of the shortcuts we seem them using.

Shapelinks? Yep. Deliciousness? We can agree that "deliciousness" is a subjective description.
The artist believes that Shapelinks are fairly described as enjoying deliciousness, to expand a known term,
and who wouldn't get a kick out of being hyperdominant on search engines for deliciousness?
There are worse epitaphs than being remembered for deliciousness, hm?

Always remember that the EyeCandy Capital of Delights, the Shapelinks Capital of Desire,
and the Shortcuts Capital of the World,
are dedicated to the notion that the best way to defeat the eminently evil people who worm their way upwards,
the fastest way for you to put a stop to whatever doesn't agree with you, is to smile and seek resolution.
Resolution does mean cutting off any other possibility, so positive resolution comes first.
reaching to aid, teaching to protect one's interests,

The Shortcuts Way of Living, embraced by those who are determined to do much, MUCH better than expected.