Shortcuts Way of Living Shapelinks and Shapetalk
Where Shapetalk Contains PowerGems & Shortcuts
Shapelinks lead us to shapetalk and shortcuts


Shapetalk and shortcuts to carry you there,
shortcuts and shapetalk marry you where,
your hunger and opportunities collide,
where shapetalk and most shortcuts,
work exclusively for YOUR side.
Use more shapetalk and shortcuts,
let them grow up your best answers,
the use of good shortcuts and shapetalk,
multiply all the best of all of your chances.
Shortcuts in Shapetalk tend to carry us there.

Shapetalk and shapelinks have brought us here,
because the Shortcuts Way of Living is about you, dear.
Reach through the shapetalk, click through the shapelinks,
and life's secrets unfold for you, greasing out the worst kinks.

SHAPELINKS------and------SHAPETALK-----links insert