Shapelinks - Shortcuts Way of Living Shapetalk Poem

Shapelinks can make you happy, Shapelinks yield up that smile,
one so sweetly contagious, although you've known it not, this while.
Please teach us about the Shapelinks, and the words between each line,
where the great way of Shapelinks wisdom, casts a spell so serene, Divine.
There's just no way that man can say, how Shapelinks seem to find their way.
The Shortcuts Way of Living, in all it's joy, assure you that Shapelinks are no toy.
Shapelinks might be bumpy roads, and then Shapelinks might keep some circles closed,
and still when it's counted, that row got hoed, and proof is in the magic, just one part of the show.
When the answers and the questions get too blurry to be seen,
in silent focus of greater moments, Shapetalk proves itself as it seems;
the solutions that you knew at once, prove inaction to hallmark the dunce...
and yet we hear you remonstrate, even as your actions fail to demonstrate,
that you still possess the knowledge that strips away your greatest sorrows.
Add the Shapelinks magic, what we see and what we don't, if and but are words for then, when you really won't.
So, we've yet to see you demonstrate, the Shapelinks deep inside you how and when its form YOU take.
Shapelinks is that choice for laughter, Shapelinks show how much you matter,
and then when you care enough to let it out, your soul inside shouting out:
Where goes YOUR sweet Shapelinks, where's the best we'll see in you,
will the druthers of the moment drown all the greatest of your truths?
Look inside these Shortcuts Way of Living Shapelinks, and again.
You ARE the living truths of your own Shortcuts Way of Living.

Shortcuts Way of Living - Longevity Zen of Health Shapelinks.

Shapelinks and Shapetalk all in a row,
just to see which way, Shapetalk will grow.
Like an art rising up, from shadows not seen,
Shapelinks and Shapetalk, an artist's living dream.
Regard even silly Shapetalk, as a guide all your own,
wisdom beneath each Shapetalk, aims to guide you home.
Reach into Shapetalk, and Shapelinks, too, let it help you out,
for the Shortcuts Way of Living is here, to help you work it all out.
No errata: The Shortcuts Way of Living? Shapetalk Shapelinks Capital.