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the Shortcuts Way of Living, et alia, remain free for your life because YOU are worth that much.

The Shortcuts Way of Living will help you to change everything, and rapidly, to boot.
Tell us what you want or need to be world-class at. State it in ten words or less.
If you cannot state your desired goal in ten words or less, try one more time.
Once you tell us in ten words or less, we look for those who have done it.
Those who repeatedly do it the best know it the best... and teach best.
Those who charge large sums to teach or to heal are too selfish.
These people will never transfer their "greatness" unto you.
Please, pay attention: I have broken many world records.
My single greatest power is the power to hand it over.
Recognizing the foolishness of pursuing more money,
my energy gets purer, and I keep shattering records.
I hope to read twenty-five thousand books in this life.
Unlike you, I continue to read a book or three each day.
After 14,835 days, we can cite specific progress on the task.
I did not read twenty thousand books, I read a book or three per day.
With nothing close to a photographic memory, I recite hundreds of digits.
Unlike the champions who cite hundreds, I recite hundreds of digits per minute.
My brain is not superior to yours. My desire to master Pi is far greater than yours.
Nothing and no one but the Architect of the Universe can stop those with greater desire.
The hungriest person is always, truly without exception, the person who wins the day's race.

Do you know, for example, that fully eight of every ten masters and millionaires approached will help?
Whether you are asking for mentorship or money, you need only ask more people more times each for help.

The Shortcuts Way of Living is nothing less than a collection of the master secrets of the universe.
The master secrets of the universe do not and cannot fail.
We can only fail to use the master secrets of the universe.
Embrace the Shortcuts Way of Living and the Longevity Zen of Health will embrace you.

Embrace excellence as a habit, and you obtain power.
Embrace resolution as your most permanent habit.
Embrace your master secrets of the universe.

HealthTalk Capital

As you see, the Longevity Zen of Health aims to be your HealthTalk Capital.
Establish discussions about subjects which are unjustifiably considered sacrosant.
Every human health challenge has natural answers, erroneously termed "alternative."
There is nothing "alternative" about drinking an ounce of organic lemon juice in water.
All but the most diseased livers will respond to this magnificent health benefit. Alternative?
No, "alternative" is aptly ascribed to the profit-driven administration of dangerous chemicals.

Be smart by getting smarter, by learning one new fact.
Learn more about your own personal health challenges.
Learn from experts who do not relentlessly pursue profit.

If your M.D. is living beyond average, it means that their financial appetites are above average.
This in itself is not necessarily firm judgement on the doctor's ethics, other than profit from pain.
It is a statement of fact: what your doctor drives says a great deal about your doctor's thoughts.
Learn to break free by refusing to blindly obey. Better to learn, and then intelligently participate.
You are supposed to CONSULT with doctors, not obey them like mindless idiots. Learn, and live!

The Longevity Zen of Health is designed for your life because you are worth the effort.

Note that there is more than one purpose and benefit of HealthTalk, as with most useful info.
While HealthTalk does have visual appeal, remember and focus on the fact of multiple layers.
Like a template for the wisdom you can and do find when you invest the time to do so,
ShapeTalk carries multiple layers. Can you think of other benefits to HealthTalk?

Do you notice, for example, that most HealthTalk lines carry just one thought?
By separating them, we are better equipped to taken them in for processing.
The larger point is that HealthTalk is one of many great examples to use.
"TO USE." Not merely to admire, as well to employ for your benefit.
If you really do want more, use more of what you have to get more.

That equation is coherent with the master secrets of the universe.
Whether you master them is entirely dependent on your choice.
Choose to act today as you did yesterday, and the day before,
and you will obtain the same results you are now displaying.
Embrace excellence for every little task and you will see.
You will see and know, for you will be living this secret.

Always look for additional benefits existing in everything.
HealthTalk is one of HUNDREDS of benefits you find here,
hidden right in plain site through the Longevity Zen of Health.
With love, from the HealthTalk Capital Of At Least One Universe,
the Longevity Zen of Health of those who tend to live stronger longer.