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The Shortcuts Way of Living is YOUR Shortcuts Way of Living,
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All of these natural healing pages in the Shortcuts Way of Living and beyond, with your best shortcuts to Longevity
seeking to promote the best health information, the best health tips for Longevity,
and the advice of those people who live stronger for longer - naturally -
are in direct contravention to the claims of primary care providers,
specifically those who peddle prescription drugs for money.
As someone with an IQ so very much higher than yours,
staggering amounts of research have preceded this:
Medical doctors are, primarly, those who care not.
The proof is in their materialistic acquisitions,
and supported by their rate of efficacity.
Sorry, but doctors don't do it better.
Empirically and quite provably,
natural methods are better,
healthier and less costly.
Doctors kill many folks,
albeit without intent.
Naturopathic tools
never kill anyone.
Think about it.

The Shortcuts Way of Living exists in pursuit of your best health... from ...

It's your life, and your choice to live in mediocrity or excellence.
The best way to get even with all those who put you down is to reach.
Reach for the best in yourself and use any PowerGem repeatedly,
and you will see results in every area of your life.
Reach, friend, and you will astound even yourself.

The best in life is yet to come, and it's yours.
Use the Shortcuts Way of Living and bloom.