Below the Shortcuts Way of Living and Longevity Zen of Health

At the bottom of it all, the Shortcuts Way of Living and Longevity Zen of Health are here to serve.

By helping you to help yourself, we multiply the likelihood that you will become a bit of a servant.
The helpless of the world call and cry and scream out for help, particularly helpless children all over.
Whether you serve by writing a check each month or two, or roll up your sleeves to help them personally,
the least among your sub-elite are the best hallmarks of how you will be judged at the end of your journey.
Please do not be fooled by the concept that no one gets to witness your invisible actions of kindness and giving.
The universe does not miss a trick, and has a delicious way of repaying all of the good and bad things that we do.
Whether you respect Newton's 3rd Law cannot be known to the Shortcuts Way of Living or Longevity Zen of Health.
What IS known to all of us is that the wealth and health of our lives has much to do with how much we choose to give.
The universe does indeed witness all of our actions, and knowing this in advance means you are in possession of a secret.
This is where we get to separate the children from the adults, the losers from the winners, the have-nots and the haves.
Those who choose not to share their abundance, particularly when they did not earn that abundance, tend not to thrive.
Those who elect to reserve some piece of every portion they receive prove to live lives with a bit more happiness,
a bit more satisfaction, and, again and again, that much more fulfillment with the lives they've chosen to live.
This is neither an admonition not to play with Mother Nature, nor goody-two-shoes endorsement of giving.
It is simply a statement that no human can ultimately escape the price, or profit, of individual actions.
Each day, we build another brick in the edifice that represents our life, adjudicated at the end of it.
Like all wisdom, knowing in advance gives you great, life-altering power to change the future.
Most importantly, you alter your own future, for better or worse, with your repeated actions.
Both the Shortcuts Way of Living and Longevity Zen of Health urge you to ponder this.
Service is sweeter than you know BEFORE you collect the rewards of your service.
Knowing what is at the bottom can be a great tool for arriving at your "top."