If you live to 96, you get 5,000 weeks
You think 5,000 is so much? Look behind you.
If you have reached 1,000 hours, better look out,
because your future is already catching up with you.
You have been taught to think in ways that are deficient.
You were even taught how to read in a ridiculous manner,
being told to stop your eyes at every word, slowing you down.
No, not just slowing down the rate of speed that you are reading at,
you are slowing down the speed and the amount that you comprehend!

When we count your reading speed by photographing your eyes at high speed,
we are not measuring the words you take in, only how long your eyes are stopped.
Since your eyes possess approximately one hundred and seven million lenses in each eye,
there is really no mathematical chance that your focused mind and eyes will miss what you see.
Ignoring all words of three or four letters means a vast reduction in what you are asked to remember.
By the end of a page, your mind is not trying to assimilate four hundred words, only a few dozen words!
By the end of a ten-page chapter, you are not shoving four thousand words in, just a few hundred at most.
That means you remember far more, and are better able to relate it to related information you already know.
This secret shortcut, a true Shortcuts Way of Living PowerGem, also enables you to teach it more simplistically,
because you will also be better equipped to formulate ways of stating what you just learned, in simple statements..
In addition, the speed that you are reading at does not merely increase, because you are multiplying your speed.
So, too, with time itself. You were poorly taught, so you have poor time-management skills, which you can fix.
Before the clock runs out on your 4,000 to 5,000 weeks, less if you mean physically-fit, happiest weeks,
learn that celebrating annual days is among the most criminal of all the thefts you will ever commit,
because it is how you spend your days and hours and minutes that determines your outcomes.
because such celebrations eviscerate understanding that time moves faster as it goes longer.
Never mind "Carpe Diem," which means "Seize the day!" Carpe Momentum... the moment!
Rather than count your years or even your months, why do you not plan weeks and days?
You have never achieved any of your best work so far without planning it out, right?
By age 20, a thousand weeks are gone. By 40, there goes another thousand, right?
How many of these thousands do you think you are getting, a thousand or more?
If your full stash, your lifetime total of 3,000 good weeks are already half-gone,
and your accomplishments are not up to what you had expected to achieve,
you get to reverse your descent into mediocrity by using this PowerGem,
you are promised rapid, nascent magnificence as soon as this very day.
Trim just a few of your insensately stupid, petty chatter sessions, now.
This one trick alone gives back to you millions of lifetime seconds.
You may not think you need those seconds now, while young,
and, you will cry like a baby when you get to the other end.
The greatest regrets expressed by very elderly people?
Nope, not things that they have done in their lives,
it is the things that they did NOT do in life.
Shhh. Speak less, please, to do more.
That is another huge PowerGem.
Speak less, so you can do more.
Make more happen today,
make it happen now.
Time does run out.