The most expensive, valuable secrets in all of human history.

No man or woman, living or otherwise, can licitly refute these truths.

These are the secrets of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.

You cannot possibly pretend to know more than those who repeatedly do at world class.

One of the ten magical secrets of raising your intelligence instantly, and repeatedly,

too often overlooked by you because it is a free secret, however prolific it is,

is the suspension of opinion. You say that you do, and prove otherwise.

The most brilliant humans I've known, including myself, naturally,

all poke fun at themselves, repeatedly, to defuse opinionation.

No opinion has value until it is supported by experience.

Even vast bodies of knowledge pale in comparison.

Take the opposite position for just sixty seconds.

Embrace it as if you believe it sincerely.

You will see, and know, rapidly.

Secrets of the universe, to tell a tale untold,

hidden by the greedy few, who don't want you to hold,

the magic and the laughter and the ways of wealth and health,

opting out to live a life, of deception, theft, and stealth.

Secrets of the universe, to tell a darker tale,

manumission, such a lie,

more than ever life for sale.

The chocolate and the diamonds,

and the secrets of such lucre,

have combined to turn my gut,

turn me into but a puker.

Look at what they've done to money,

look at how it's changed, deranged,

secrets of the universe, ethicality re-arranged.

So, now we see, as Atlas Shrugged, the worst can seem the best,

all to unfold, for the ones with passion, to know this is just our test.

Listen to the shortcuts, secrets of our universe, listen, test, use them well,

stand out among the rest.

One shortcut, used a hundred times, develops excellence.

One hundred as a set repeated just ten times shapes mastery.