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The more we give away in life, the more that life is sure to repay our kindness.
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The helpless of the world, humans and creatures, all within air, sea, land,
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Share your very best.
Learn, Live, Give:
more of each.

You know, a majority of companies will make adjustments when you ask right.
In fact, the more you ask, while observing what works and what does not,
the better you get at asking, and you quickly hear more "yesses."
This works for salespeople, it works for savvy shoppers.
It will save you countless thousands over a lifetime.

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Success shortcuts taste better with the Shortcuts Way of Living. Greatest collection of success shortcuts of all time.
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Magnificent things happen in your life when you raise your belief levels.
That doesn't mean that a positive attitude suffices to solve problems,
because so far none of us have seen any useful evidence of that.
What it DOES mean is that your brain becomes better tuned,
more attuned, to resolve the challenges that every human faces.
As Erskine said, it's not the cards that life deals us; it's how we play those cards.

The Shortcuts Way of Living aims to keep each of us in a better frame of mind,
thinking, acting, and speaking as masters and champions habitually do.

Every human gets fourteen hundred and forty minutes per day.
How those minutes get invested determine our outcomes.
The Shortcuts Way of Living seeks to shape those minutes.
With the Shortcuts Way of Living, your growth is repeatedly accelerated.

As long as you continue doing things the same way every day, your results cannot change.
Doing things the same way repeatedly while expecting a different result is, medically, insane.
That's right, it's the actual medical definition of insanity, so let's try avoid that whenever possible.
This is the time, this is the place, this is the Shortcuts Way of Living, a most empowering place.