Shapetalk Defined

What is ShapeTalk? Good question.
For starters, ShapeTalk is a nice word.
When you or I say "ShapeTalk" out loud,
there is a stentorian ShapeTalk sound to it.
It sounds like, well, what "ShapeTalk" should.
Of all the EyeCandy created by MisterShortcut here,
Shapetalk is extraordinary in engaging both hemispheres.
where both sides of the brain contribute their pleasures to success.
ShapeTalk is found on pages containing some of your better shortcuts,
although all the PowerGems within the Shortcuts Way of Living are effective.
All of this brought to you to empower yourself, from the the Godfather of EyeCandy.
Shapetalking both expresses and conveys, and Shapetalking shares with site designers,
including those who have no experience. Shapetalk is for leading to the crux of great info.
That's why most shapetalk pieces also serve up wisdom approximately one line at a time.
Further, it's fun sharing billion-dollar PowerGems hidden right in plain site and sight.
Practically speaking, you knew the Shortcuts Way of Living when you were a child.
You practiced it regularly when you really wanted that toy or ice cream enough.
Now that you're a bit older, it comes down to wondering what you settle for,
how much lower is your self-imposed barrier since back when you knew.
The greatest secret to billions is asking more people more times each.
Do you remember childhood days when you got what you wanted?
At least you did on those occasions when you cared to ask more.
You asked repeatedly, and on occasion, you cried or begged,
or perhaps you threw temper tantrums and apologized,
and then you just asked again, if that's what it took.
The Shortcuts Way of Living teaches asking,
the greatest success secret of all time.
Shapetalk PowerGems, The Bank.
Tap YOUR Bank of Life.